Here's another comic book that I got in that Windfall buying experience, a book I paid 33 cents for in 1988. Rather than plow through all of the issues of ACTION COMICS that were in that horde--which seems as though it would get boring and repetitive quickly--I'm instead going to jump around a bit, work … Continue reading WC: ADVENTURE COMICS #266

Blah Blah Blog – Three-Party System

An entry from my old Marvel.com blog, this one talking about how I wish there was a viable "third party" comic book publisher besides Marvel and DC in the marketplace. Image is about as close as things get these days. Three-Party System April 28, 2007 | 1:00 AM | By Tom_Brevoort | In General Thinking … Continue reading Blah Blah Blog – Three-Party System


And another issue of MARVEL'S GREATEST COMICS reprinting Fantastic Four stories from earlier in the group's history, made its way to my regular 7-11 haunt. This era in which there were still monthly reprint titles for most of the major Marvel series was a godsend to me in terms of allowing me to get a … Continue reading BHOC: MARVEL’S GREATEST COMICS #78

More of the Sales Figures of DC’s Irwin Donenfeld

After the piece we ran a couple of weeks back on former DC publisher Irwin Donenfeld's big book where he would chart the sales figures of the various DC titles on an issue-by-issue basis in an attempt to ascertain what elements might make a given issue of a comic book sell better, a bunch of … Continue reading More of the Sales Figures of DC’s Irwin Donenfeld

Brand Echh #1: Megaton Man #1

As the Direct Market for comic books opened up in the early 1980s, all sorts of new players poured in, and all sorts of new comic book publishers, many of them short-lived, hawked their wares--including a couple that were a bit surprising. One of those was undoubtedly Kitchen Sink Press, who had made their bones … Continue reading Brand Echh #1: Megaton Man #1

Marvel Comix: Rolling Stone (UK edition) October 18, 1969

It's relatively commonly known that rock newspaper Rolling Stone did a big cover story on the Marvel Comics phenomenon in 1972, emblazoning a Herb Trimpe Hulk on the cover of the magazine. What is less known (and I didn't realize this myself until just recently) is that the United Kingdom version of Rolling Stone ran … Continue reading Marvel Comix: Rolling Stone (UK edition) October 18, 1969

Blah Blah Blog – Reader Mail

Another old blog post from my long-scrubbed Marvel blog of the early 2000s, this one answering some questions posed by the audience. Reader Mail April 28, 2007 | 1:00 AM | By Tom_Brevoort | In General What say we spend today answering some of the questions that've been asked by readers of previous posts?>I've read … Continue reading Blah Blah Blog – Reader Mail