Blah Blah Blog – Covers, Part Four

A post from my old now-gone Marvel blog concerning the history of Marvel's cover design. (One of the hazards of these reposts is that I often don't have copies of all of a given sequence, and none of it is in the right order--hence, Part Four without Parts One, Two or Three...) Covers pt 4 … Continue reading Blah Blah Blog – Covers, Part Four

Doctor Who – Praxeus

Well, going to have a lot less to say about this episode than the last one, I expect. Praxeus was a nice, simple done-in-one adventure without any particular connectivity to the ongoing arc of the series. Without the lead-in bit last episode, you really could have watched this one at any point during the series. … Continue reading Doctor Who – Praxeus

Brand Echh – Sick #120 – Ego-Man

It seems as though--for good reason or bad--people got a kick out of seeing the Ego-Man story parodying Stan Lee from SICK magazine last week. And so, since there were a number of these done, I thought I would show you another one. In this case, the inaugural installment, from SICK Magazine #120. The Grand … Continue reading Brand Echh – Sick #120 – Ego-Man