For some reason, possibly simple inertia, I had started regularly reading SGT FURY even though I wasn't typically a fan of war comics. That was maybe all right, because SGT FURY was really only a war comic in its trappings, the way HOGAN'S HEROES was about the war. It was really a comedic super hero … Continue reading BHOC: SGT FURY #149


As we begin to narrow things down among the various comics that I wound up with in my great Windfall Comics purchase of 1988, we're inevitably focusing more and more on the titles that simply weren't considered all that desirable by collectors in this period--that's why there were so many issues of them. This definitely … Continue reading WC: STRANGE TALES #119


Another look at one of the features that was spiked and written off by DC Comics in the midst of the line contraction and round of layoffs that came to be known as the DC Implosion. THE DESERTER was a new western series created by writer Gerry Conway. It had originally been commissioned to run … Continue reading CANCELLED COMIC CAVALCADE #1: THE DESERTER #1

Forgotten Masterpiece: FUNNYMAN #1

The basics are a familiar story to anybody who studies the history of comics. Young creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster sell the rights to their creation Superman to what would become DC/National Comics. As their ten-year contract to produce the strip was reaching its end and fearing that National wouldn't re-up it, the pair … Continue reading Forgotten Masterpiece: FUNNYMAN #1