Brand Echh: Eclipse Magazine #7

As the Direct Market opened up at the beginning of the 1980s, a deluge of new publishers rushed in to ply their wares before this new dedicated comics-dedicated audience. One of the earliest companies in this period was Eclipse, founded by brothers Jan and Dean Mullaney. They had started out as publishers by printing Don … Continue reading Brand Echh: Eclipse Magazine #7

An Addition to the Guide to Marvel’s Unannounced Reprint Issues

I thought that I'd gotten them all, but it turns out that there was one last straggler instance of an unscheduled reprint being run in the place of an intended new story in a regular Marvel title due to unforeseen delays. I missed it because it didn't happen in a color comic, but rather in … Continue reading An Addition to the Guide to Marvel’s Unannounced Reprint Issues

Blah Blah Blog – A Hot Pick and a Review

A post from my long-ago Marvel blog in which I react to the first Avengers novel and plus some issues that are about to see print. A Hot Pick and a Review April 28, 2007 | 1:00 AM | By Tom_Brevoort | In General On a lighter note, after revisiting the 1968 novel CAPTAIN AMERICA: … Continue reading Blah Blah Blog – A Hot Pick and a Review

Forgotten Masterpiece: MENACE #7

From time to time throughout the years, writer/editor Stan Lee would attempt to put a particular focus of quality on a given title, and try to make it stand out from the rest of the many offerings being published by Marvel, then Atlas. These efforts typically didn't last long, and one gets the impression that … Continue reading Forgotten Masterpiece: MENACE #7

5BC: Five Times Marvel Misappropriated Characters

Most long-running comic book companies, if they're in business for long enough and have a wide enough diversity of creators working on their releases, reach a point at which those creators begin to pull inspiration for their stories and characters from other media. Comics in general have a long history of reflecting the trends of … Continue reading 5BC: Five Times Marvel Misappropriated Characters

Comics in the Wild 2

As I mentioned earlier, one of the things I collect from hither and yon is photographs of comic books being either sold or read, particularly ones from years ago. They give a unique glimpse into just how and where the books were sold, and tend to fire the imagination in a nostalgic way. Everybody can … Continue reading Comics in the Wild 2