STAR BLAZERS When I was 14 years old, my father’s job forced us to relocate the family from suburban Long Island to an underdeveloped community in Delaware. This was a massive change for me–not only was I coming into my first year of high school with a change of schools after three months, but I also … Continue reading STAR BLAZERS


Back in the 1970s when I grew up, your choices for super hero merchandise were fairly well limited. But what little we had, we loved. This is why so many people from that era have such fond memories of the Mego line of action figures–not just the World’s Greatest Super-Heroes line, but also Star Trek, … Continue reading MEGO HALL OF JUSTICE

Great Covers – SUPERBOY #189

What a wonderfully shocking and twisted SUPERBOY cover by Nick Cardy. This wasn’t at all the kind of image you expected to find on an issue of SUPERBOY. I’d be willing to bet that somebody at DC got cold feet, and that’s why the logo area is a solid blue banner, to help obscure the … Continue reading Great Covers – SUPERBOY #189

Great Covers – THE RAMPAGING HULK #9

A cool painted cover for RAMPAGING HULK magazine by Earl Norem, produced during a period when it was rare to see a super hero rendered so realistically. I’m not wild about the way all of the copy is handled on this one, mostly in terms of color (TO AVENGE THE EARTH is a bit hard … Continue reading Great Covers – THE RAMPAGING HULK #9

Great Covers – ALPHA FLIGHT #6

A very simple and effective ALPHA FLIGHT cover by John Byrne. This is the infamous issue, released during the April Fools-ish “Assistant Editor’s Month”, that contained five blank pages with only word balloons and sound effects, as Snowbird battled the Wendigo in a snowstorm. Legend has it that Byrne not only insisted on being paid … Continue reading Great Covers – ALPHA FLIGHT #6

Great Covers – DETECTIVE COMICS #371

This DETECTIVE COMICS cover by Carmine Infantino is only good in that it’s so bad. Produced right at the end of the “Batmania” triggered by the television series, this cover compromises its characters for the sake of a cheap gag. There’s something a bit off about Batgirl’s right arm as well. All that said, it’s … Continue reading Great Covers – DETECTIVE COMICS #371

Great Covers – GENERIC COMIC BOOK #1

In terms of getting across the concept of a series, it would be difficult to top this cover to THE GENERIC COMIC BOOK by, well, nobody. It’s a perfect replica of the generic brand packaging of the era, and communicates exactly what the gag of this one-shot is all about in a way that any … Continue reading Great Covers – GENERIC COMIC BOOK #1