Continuing on with our look at CANCELLED COMIC CAVALCADE #1, one of the rarest DC non-publications, which was simply a set of photocopies of issues and pages that were spiked during the massive line reduction and layoff that was nicknamed the "DC Implosion" . The idea behind the DC Explosion was that each title would … Continue reading CANCELLED COMIC CAVALCADE #1: BLACK LIGHTNING #12: The Ray

Forgotten Masterpiece: AMERICA’S GREATEST COMICS #8

As we've mentioned in previous postings on this subject, while Fawcett Comics never pulled together a regular equivalent of the Justice Society of America for its assorted costumed champions (apart from the Marvel Family, who headlined their own group title), the outfit had no hesitation for having them meet and team up with one another … Continue reading Forgotten Masterpiece: AMERICA’S GREATEST COMICS #8

The First Silver Age Marvel Super Hero

Just as DC/National Comics and other outfits were still dabbling with super hero characters as the 1940s transitioned into teh 1950s, the same was true of Timely Comics, which would one day become Marvel. The firm has lasting success with three characters throughout the 1940s: the Human Torch, the Sub-Mariner and Captain America. But all … Continue reading The First Silver Age Marvel Super Hero


GREEN LANTERN (Co-Starring Green Arrow) was a series whose move into the DC Explosion I really liked--mainly because I had a real love for the Golden Age heroes of DC's past. So having a regular back-up spot dedicated to Alan Scott, the Original Green lantern, was very welcome in my eyes. I also really liked … Continue reading BHOC: GREEN LANTERN #109


CANCELLED COMIC CAVALCADE was something of a legendary title, in that it wasn't really a published title at all. In 1978, as a publishing initiative designed to restore the health of the division, new DC Publisher Jenette Kahn and her editorial team had made the decision to raise the price of the line from 35 … Continue reading CANCELLED COMIC CAVALCADE #1: BLACK LIGHTNING #12


I was into picking up this next issue of ACTION COMICS thanks both to the impending showdown between Superman and Microwave Man--a costumed villain from the past who'd spend decades off in space--and the start of the Air-Wave back-up series. I knew Air-Wave from over in GREEN LANTERN and had liked him a bunch as … Continue reading BHOC: ACTION COMICS #488

Forgotten Masterpiece: MARY MARVEL #8

In contrast to most of the other publishers in the field, Fawcett Comics wasn't hesitant to have their various super hero characters interact with one another. Recognizing the promotional strength of their most popular hero Captain Marvel, Fawcett would regularly feature him on the cover of any new title launch, welcoming the new star to … Continue reading Forgotten Masterpiece: MARY MARVEL #8