Doctor Who: Orphan 55

And we are back, unfortunately, to many of the deficits which plagued the first series of Jodie Whittaker's DOCTOR WHO with today's third episode, an entry that's heavy-handed, completely forgettable and which does nothing to broaden our understanding of the core characters. This is a distressing development given how much progress the opening two-parter seemed … Continue reading Doctor Who: Orphan 55

Blah Blah Blog – Comics I Don't Apologize For 3

A post from my old Marvel blog, part of a series running down cmics I edited that weren't a huge success but which I still liked and stand behind. Comics I Don't Apologize For pt 3 April 28, 2007 | 1:00 AM | By Tom_Brevoort | In General Today's entry in this week's theme of … Continue reading Blah Blah Blog – Comics I Don't Apologize For 3


This was another issue of INCREDIBLE HULK purchased by my younger brother Ken and which eventually ended up in my possession. Ken had become a regular reader of the adventures of the Green Goliath, inspired by the TV show, and he'd stick with the series for several months--which meant that I got to read it … Continue reading BHOC: INCREDIBLE HULK #221

Brand Echh – Charlton Bullseye #4

In the early 1980s at the beginning of the end of their tenure as a publishing house, Charlton came up with a way to produce a book more cheaply. They outsourced the creation of the content to fans and would-be professionals and paid not a penny--publication itself would be the only compensation these creators would … Continue reading Brand Echh – Charlton Bullseye #4

Blah Blah Blog – Frustration

A post from my old Marvel blog about FANTASTIC FOUR: THE LOST ADVENTURE and how a page from that job turned up after the issue had been completed and went to print. Frustration April 28, 2007 | 1:00 AM | By Tom_Brevoort | In General Interrupting my sequence on Unknown Greats because I'm running behind … Continue reading Blah Blah Blog – Frustration


This was another book that I picked up on my weekly trips to 7-11 on Thursdays when new comics would drop. Green Lantern was at this point one of my favorite characters, primarily due to his stories in the back of FLASH. I wasn't quite as wild about the GL/GA incarnation of the character--while I … Continue reading BHOC: GREEN LANTERN #102