Here's another issue of INCREDIBLE HULK that I bought new from my regular 7-11 supplier, now that I had gotten on board with following the series. I seem to recall that my younger brother Ken eventually bought his own copy as well, possibly the last issue of INCREDIBLE HULK he picked up. But what was … Continue reading BHOC: INCREDIBLE HULK #225

Lee & Kirby: The Firsthand Account of Jack Kirby

As the 1970s turned into the 1980s, powerhouse artist and creative genius Jack Kirby was becoming increasingly disillusioned by the way the history of the creation of the Marvel characters was being recounted for the public. Beginning particularly with the publication of ORIGINS OF MARVEL COMICS in 1974, Kirby found his role in events diminished, … Continue reading Lee & Kirby: The Firsthand Account of Jack Kirby

Personal Best: SILVER SURFER #11

It's somehow a little bit too self-aggrandizing for me to talk about any of the comics I've edited over the years as a PERFECT GAME, the category that I might have featured this issue under. Given that it won the Eisner Award for Best Single Issue in 2016, though, I feel as though there's a … Continue reading Personal Best: SILVER SURFER #11

Blah Blah Blog – Bite This

A post from my now-defunct Marvel blog concerning a food that brought Marvel and DC staff members together. Bite This. May 21, 2008 | 1:00 AM | By Tom_Brevoort | In General The most important thing to come out of all of the Marvel/DC Crossovers wasn’t a character or a story—it was a foodstuff.During one … Continue reading Blah Blah Blog – Bite This

5BC: Five More Dopey Marvel Villains

Feels like it's been quite a while since I put together one of these surveys of absurdity. So what say we take a look at five more Marvel villains from the past who tried their hardest, but who somehow failed that ineffable test towards being legitimately dangerous--and who instead came across as ridiculous, absurd, and … Continue reading 5BC: Five More Dopey Marvel Villains


Continuing our sequence looking at Marvel's in-house production stats for FANTASTIC FOUR #1--the closest thing that still exists to the original artwork--and studying them up close to see if they can tell us anything about how the book was put together. So let's go! We're moving into the back half of the issue now, a … Continue reading Lee & Kirby: THE STATS OF FANTASTIC FOUR #1, Part 3