Here are a pair of additional vintage interviews, one from Stan Lee and one from Roy Thomas, which first saw print in the long running magazine CARTOONIST PROFILES in its November 1969 issue. This is right at the end point of the Silver Age, at a time when Jack Kirby had relocated his family to … Continue reading Lee & Kirby: CARTOONIST PROFILES #4

Comics Creators in the Wild 8

More photographs from years and decades past showcasing the writers, artists and editors of our favorite comic books. Mark Gruenwald in M.C. Hammer costume for Halloween, early 1990s John and Virginia Romita at a convention, circa 1986 Stan Lee plays the Atari Spider-Man video game, circa 1981 Steve Ditko, 1960s Stan Lee and costumed fans, … Continue reading Comics Creators in the Wild 8

Halloween Encounter With Dr. Strange and Plastic Man

Here's another classic old newspaper story related to comic books, this one from the Burlington Free Press edition released on November 2, 1965 and concerning the famous (in the world of comic books) Rutland, Vermont annual Halloween parade which was every year filled with marchers in super hero costumes. The parade (and subsequent Halloween party) … Continue reading Halloween Encounter With Dr. Strange and Plastic Man


This was another comic book that I got rather than bought--another "extra" in one of those plastic-wrapped bundled of coverless comic books that my local drug store had begun to sell. I bought the bundle in question for other books, but this one came along with them, and thus it was mine. And to be … Continue reading BHOC: HOWARD THE DUCK #18


It was a bit of collateral damage, really. One of the drawbacks with buying any random assortment of comics like the plastic-wrapped bundled of coverless older books that my local drugstore chain had begun to sell meant that when you bought a particular package, you were going to wind up with stuff that you simply … Continue reading BHOC: ADVENTURE INTO FEAR #30

Comics Creators in the Wild 7

Another awesome assemblage of photographic images of comic book creators taken in years and decades past. Stan Lee with presentation board, circa 1976 John Romita, early 1970s John Romita and Stan Lee, circa 1970 Herb Trimpe, circa 1972 Mark Gruenwald at home, circa 1994 Not 100% certain who this is in the Marvel offices with … Continue reading Comics Creators in the Wild 7

A Serious Student of the Comic Books

Here's another vintage newspaper article on the burgeoning comic book fandom of the 1960s, this one a profile on a young pre-Marvel Roy Thomas. As most know, Roy went on to become one of the most popular and influential writers and editors of the 1960s and beyond--but at the time this piece saw print in … Continue reading A Serious Student of the Comic Books