This is another book that showed up in the big bin of somewhat-old comics at my local drugstore, and being on the hunt for Fantastic Four stories, I picked it up. It must be said, this really isn’t a great cover–all of the heroes have their backs to us and are oriented around the edges. … Continue reading BHOC: MARVEL’S GREATEST COMICS #62


One of the wonderful things about that big bin of somewhat-old comic books that was at my local drug store was that from time to time new books would be added into the mix. So I would dig through it every time I was in the place, and I soon began to pull up additional … Continue reading BHOC: FANTASTIC FOUR #181

In Our Next STAR BLAZERS Adventure – Episode 20

EPISODE 20 “The Argo is just making its turn now. Don’t they know it’s ten seconds too late? But then, it was already too late when I pressed this button. Watch carefully now. We have an excellent view here, high above Balan!” – General Lysis After teasing it for so many episodes now, at the … Continue reading In Our Next STAR BLAZERS Adventure – Episode 20


I was excited to get my hands on this issue of BLACK LIGHTNING after the cliffhanger of the previous one, where the new crime-fighter found himself confronted by an angry Superman. And the issue was pretty good! The one place it really fell down is in the incomplete inking of Vince Colletta. I know that … Continue reading BHOC: BLACK LIGHTNING #5


I don’t have much to say about this issue of CLASSICS ILLUSTRATED–and I no longer have my copy, so I can’t present more than the cover. It was given to me by my Uncle Billy, my father’s brother, who had become aware of my interest in comic books and who had found it among his … Continue reading BHOC: CLASSICS ILLUSTRATED #144A


Today, there are thousands of books on vintage comics, both collections of material from decades ago or literary tomes discussing those works, how they were created, what impact they had and what they meant. But in the 1970s, the landscape for such volumes was exceedingly scarce. So it was positively an event when a new … Continue reading BHOC: SHAZAM! FROM THE ’40s TO THE ’70s

In Our Next STAR BLAZERS Adventure – Episode 19

EPISODE 19 “We all know Homer pretty well, and his outburst this afternoon sort of bothers us. He said things I’m sure he didn’t mean–but still, he did touch on what’s worrying all of us. Just what are our chances, really, of getting to Iscandar and returning to Earth with the Cosmo DNA?” – Mark … Continue reading In Our Next STAR BLAZERS Adventure – Episode 19


The mail carrier also delivered me my subscription copy of FLASH right around this time. This was the middle chapter in a three-part story. Multiple part epics were beginning to become more frequent at DC, which was good in that, between having read the DC titles for so long and beginning to discover the Marvel … Continue reading BHOC: FLASH #255


Now that I was able to travel to the 7-11 at will, my subscriptions to JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA and FLASH were becoming a little bit troublesome. To wit: I am certain that I saw this issue of JLA on the spinner rack at the 7-11 before my sub copy arrived in the mail. The … Continue reading BHOC: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #148

In Our Next STAR BLAZERS Adventure – Episode 18

EPISODE 18 “When you think about it, it’s almost weird, kind of a great joke. But it’s not funny. Here we create these machines and then they have the ability to destroy us. Science has to do better than that. We must keep control of the machines we create. If not, the world will end … Continue reading In Our Next STAR BLAZERS Adventure – Episode 18