Great Covers – DAREDEVIL #1

Paolo Rivera pulls you into the world of DAREDEVIL on this cover, visually getting across both that Matt Murdock is blind, and the manner in which his other senses allow him to navigate the city that he lives in. The graphic treatment here is strong, and by keeping the background in greytones, the lead figure … Continue reading Great Covers – DAREDEVIL #1

Great Covers – AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #611

As is typcial for his work, Skottie Young incorporates humor into this AMAZING SPIDER-MAN cover, which is simultaneously funny and communicates an essential difference between Spidey and guest-star Deadpool. The UPC barcode is move to the top in order to keep it off the characters, which makes it more prominent than I’d like, but a … Continue reading Great Covers – AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #611