How I Met Your Mother and the failures of storytelling.

It's been interesting to watch how, after a number of years having largely vanished from the radar, conversation about the long-running comedy HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER has picked up in recent weeks. This is, of course, entirely due to the fact that Hulu's quasi-sequel, quasi-remake HOW I MET YOUR FATHER began airing, giving license … Continue reading How I Met Your Mother and the failures of storytelling.

Money Heist/La Casa De Papel

As the pandemic has continued ever onward and I've consequently been forced to spend more and more time at home, I've found myself eating through media material at a much more furious rate. Time that was once devoted to a long commute can now instead be dedicated to entertainment. As a result, I've been casting … Continue reading Money Heist/La Casa De Papel

Girl From Nowhere

My pandemic-era deep dive into worldwide shows available to stream in the United States has yielded some occasional standout entries, and none of them has quite had the same stick-to-your-ribs quality as GIRL FROM NOWHERE, a Thai production presently available on Netflix. Before I say another word, I ought to mention right up front that … Continue reading Girl From Nowhere

Terrace House

This is maybe a weird thing to be writing about on this page, but over the past month or so I've become completely enamored with the Japanese reality show TERRACE HOUSE, most of which is available on Netflix. I'm not really a reality show viewer--I've never gotten on board with a domestic reality show with … Continue reading Terrace House

Tokusatsu GaGaGa

I've run across another show that has captured my attention. It's TOKUSATSU GA GA GA, a Japanese drama airing currently. Based on the manga of the same title by Niwa Tanba, GAGAGA tells the story of Kano Nakamura, a 24-year-old "office lady" with a secret: she's a fanatical devotee of the live action super hero … Continue reading Tokusatsu GaGaGa


I've been an on-and-off follower of the KAMEN RIDER series of Japanese live action super hero shows going back to the mid-1980s when KAMEN RIDER BLACK was on the air. But it's been about ten years since one really caught my fancy--and that one, KAMEN RIDER DECADE, came onto my radar because it guest-starred Kamen … Continue reading KAMEN RIDER ZI-O


In the mid-1980s I was introduced to Japanese live action tokusatsu super hero series by my friend Frank Strom, who was already an avid follower of the genre. I tended to gravitate more to the single hero programs such as Space Sheriff Shaider or Metaldar than the team shows. And the best such show of … Continue reading KAMEN RIDER BLACK


My first experience with plagiarism came as a result of my devotion to THE ELECTRIC COMPANY. THE ELECTRIC COMPANY was the Children’s Television Workshop’s follow-up to Sesame Street, aimed at somewhat older kids in an attempt to teach reading skills and encourage reading. By the time I started watching it in the early 1970s, I … Continue reading THE ELECTRIC COMPANY