Your Comics Code at Work: TRUE BRIDES’ EXPERIENCES #15, Part Two

Today, we're going to take a look at another story from Harvey Comics' TRUE BRIDES' EXPERIENCES #15. Like the earlier one we went over, which you can find at the link below, this one also first saw the light of day several years earlier, in the pages of FIRST ROMANCE MAGAZINE #18. And like the … Continue reading Your Comics Code at Work: TRUE BRIDES’ EXPERIENCES #15, Part Two


This issue of GREEN LANTERN was noteworthy right on the face of it, as it featured one of production maven Jack Adler's washtone cover treatments on Gil Kane's illustration. These washtone pieces were experimented with on assorted DC titles in the late 1950s and early 1960s, most often the war books. But as far as … Continue reading WC: GREEN LANTERN #8


This issue of AVENGERS was, you guessed it, another book that I bought during my trip to Heroes World in Levittown with my grandparents. It sported a very nice cover penciled by George Perez and inked by an infrequent collaborator, Terry Austin. Terry was at this point making John Byrne's work look its best over … Continue reading BHOC: AVENGERS #174

The Incredible Hulk & The Amazing Spider-Man: The Gamma Gambit

For no discernable reason that I can figure out, there's been a sudden burst of interest in this obscure Marvel item from 1979--people are amazed that such a thing exists, and want to know more. Well, rest assured, those of us who were around in 1979 for its release were just as befuddled by it … Continue reading The Incredible Hulk & The Amazing Spider-Man: The Gamma Gambit

Brand Echh: Comico Primer #5

There was a hot moment in the mid-1990s when this issue of COMICO PRIMER was momentarily a highly sought-after back issue. That time coincided with when MTV turned Sam Kieth's Image series THE MAXX into a short-lived but well-remembered animated series. This issue of PRIMER featured Kieth's first published work, and there was a lot … Continue reading Brand Echh: Comico Primer #5

Blah Blah Blog – Addicted to Comics

A post from my Marvel blog of long ago, this one detailing how I still read a ton of comics regardless of working in the industry. Addicted to Comics November 17, 2008 | 1:00 AM | By Tom_Brevoort | In General There‚Äôs no other way to put it; I am addicted to comics.I spent the … Continue reading Blah Blah Blog – Addicted to Comics


Here's the second part of our look at the first SUPERHERO MERCHANDISE catalog, put together for entrepreneur Ivan Snyder by several moonlighting freelancers from Marvel and available through the mail. SUPERHERO MERCHANDISE eventually transformed into being HEROES WORLD, an outlet of which was the very first comic book store that I ever encountered, so I … Continue reading SUPERHERO MERCHANDISE Catalog #1, Part Two