The Selling of Superman: Correspondence between Jack Liebowitz and Jerry Siegel

I've been doing a deep dive of late into the early days of Superman, researching everything that is known or can be established about the development, purchase and evolution of the Man of Steel across his first decade, when he became virtually immediately a Pop Culture Phenomenon that conquered all forms of mass media simultaneously. … Continue reading The Selling of Superman: Correspondence between Jack Liebowitz and Jerry Siegel


There's something extremely comforting about the Superman titles edited by Mort Weisinger at the start of the Silver Age of Comics. They were unfailingly consistent in terms of their execution and in the level at which they placed their stories. While there were occasionally physical challenges to be overcome, these Superman stories weren't about action-oriented … Continue reading WC: ACTION COMICS #311


I was into picking up this next issue of ACTION COMICS thanks both to the impending showdown between Superman and Microwave Man--a costumed villain from the past who'd spend decades off in space--and the start of the Air-Wave back-up series. I knew Air-Wave from over in GREEN LANTERN and had liked him a bunch as … Continue reading BHOC: ACTION COMICS #488

ACTION COMICS #80 – U.S. Navy Edition

Now here is an interesting oddity that we'll talk about a little bit. During World War II, starting in late 1944 and running into 1945, DC/National Comics signed a deal with the United States Navy to provide them with Special Editions of a number of upcoming publications, to be used in the training of sailors … Continue reading ACTION COMICS #80 – U.S. Navy Edition


I picked up this new issue of ACTION COMICS on my weekly jaunt to the local 7-11 on Thursday when the new comics came in. It was the second-to=last issue that I purchased for a while. It's clear looking over the DC books of this period that the firm is still targeting a different audience … Continue reading BHOC: ACTION COMICS #487


You can expect to see a lot more coverage of obscure issues of the less-popular-with-collectors Silver Age titles going forward in this feature, as those are the books that I got the most issues of in my Windfall Comics purchase of 1988, for obvious reasons. Which didn't at all keep them from being entertaining reads. … Continue reading WC: ACTION COMICS #298


Another Thursday, another opportunity to ride my bike down into the center of town to our 7-11 after school to pick up the new comics. The conveyance and the distance has changed, and even the day of the week, but the process remains the same even today. There isn't much overt to say about picking … Continue reading BHOC: ACTION COMICS #486