Brand Echh: Space Adventures #44

Super heroes were becoming big business as the Silver Age of Comics kicked off at the beginning of the 1960s. As the decade progressed, all sorts of companies developed and launched their own costumed characters in an attempt to find success and profit. Some of these characters have been long forgotten by this point. One … Continue reading Brand Echh: Space Adventures #44

Brand Echh: Americomics #3

We've gone over the history of CHARLTON BULLSEYE in prior installments of this feature, but just to quickly summarize once again for newcomers: at the very start of the 1980s, longtime publisher Charlton was nearing the end of its time producing new material for comic books. One of the final things they attempted was a … Continue reading Brand Echh: Americomics #3

The Comic Book Guide For The Artist-Writer-Letterer 3

Here we are with the third and final segment of this behind-the-scenes instructional booklet about making comic books produced by Charlton and sold by direct mail order only (though it was also offered as a subscription premium.) These descriptions of the various types of comic book stories are a bit funny in just how far … Continue reading The Comic Book Guide For The Artist-Writer-Letterer 3

The Last Blue Beetle Story

The Blue Beetle is one of the longest running character-concepts in the world of comic books. The character was initially conceived in 1939 as a take-off of the Green Hornet, but the approach swiftly changed to better suit the needs of a burgeoning marketplace. The Beetle got a regulation super hero costume and even a … Continue reading The Last Blue Beetle Story

The Comic Book Guide For The Artist-Writer-Letterer 2

Continuing our review and presentation of the Comic Book Guide For The Artist-Writer-Letterer which was produced by Charlton in 1973 and sold by direct order only (It was also offered as a freebie if you subscribed to any Charlton titles) These days, I would advocate for no more than 25 words per balloon, rather than … Continue reading The Comic Book Guide For The Artist-Writer-Letterer 2

The Comic Book Guide For The Artist-Writer-Letterer

In 1973, there was a growing segment of comic book fandom made up of people who aspired to enter the field themselves. A number had already crossed that threshold in the later 1960s, but the floodgates were thrown open wide in the early 1970s--for all that the field was in pretty bad shape and getting … Continue reading The Comic Book Guide For The Artist-Writer-Letterer

Brand Echh: Charlton Bullseye #7

We've talked a bit here about CHARLTON BULLSEYE, Charlton's last gasp attempt at producing new content by soliciting work gratis from fans and would-be creators. Publication would be the only compensation that such hopefuls would receive--but undaunted, and sensing an opportunity to have their work distributed from coast to coast, the response was overwhelming. Honestly, … Continue reading Brand Echh: Charlton Bullseye #7

Brand Echh: Americomics Special #1

AC/Americomics (occasionally known as Paragon Publications) is a long running independent comic book publisher, one that is still releasing new issues even today. Their main stock-in-trade has become reprints of Golden Age characters whose work had lapsed into the public domain, but they do occasionally release wholly original comic book properties. Probably the thing they … Continue reading Brand Echh: Americomics Special #1

Brand Echh: E-Man #6

E-MAN was a short-lived but well-remembered (and often revived) Charlton title of the early 1970s, representing a last gasp on the part of that firm to establish a presence in the super hero marketplace. E-Man was a bit of a throwback character, crafted in the mold of Plastic Man or Captain Marvel. A super hero … Continue reading Brand Echh: E-Man #6

Brand Echh: Charlton Bullseye #1

Charlton had been a player in the comic book marketplace going back to the days of the Golden Age of Comics. They were widely regarded as the shlockiest of publishers, whose paper and printing was markedly inferior to that of the competition. There was some very good work buried among the many Charlton publications, but … Continue reading Brand Echh: Charlton Bullseye #1