Brand Echh: Son of Vulcan #50

As we've spoken about in the past, Charlton Comics never really had a motivated interest in getting into the super hero field. They were quite happy most of the time to produce their line of largely-interchangeable war, romance, mystery, hot rod and western comics. But every once in a while, somebody at the organization would … Continue reading Brand Echh: Son of Vulcan #50

Brand Echh: Thunderbolt #54

Charlton was pretty much the bottom rung of the comic book business. Yes, they published a lot of material, but it was always on the crappiest paper, and always had the worst distribution. What's more, it only rarely seemed as though anybody cared about what the content of these magazines was. One notable exception was … Continue reading Brand Echh: Thunderbolt #54


Now this was another comic book that I welcomed--not so much for the lead Thunderbolt story as for the back-up featuring my new obscure favorites, the Sentinels. As with the other issue I had sampled, this one was reissued by Modern Comics in the 1970s. They had contracted to provide and sell 3-Bags of comic … Continue reading BHOC: THUNDERBOLT #58


In addition to the issue of THE MANY GHOSTS OF DOCTOR GRAVES that we spoke about yesterday, Modern Comics reissued at least one other issue of the series as a part of their line. This one, however, was entirely devoted to one-off weird tales, and consequently was of scant interest to me as a reader. … Continue reading BHOC: THE MANY GHOSTS OF DOCTOR GRAVES #25


As I've mentioned in the past, not only did the Modern Comics 3-Bagged reprints of past Charlton titles include a wide swath of their super hero and adventure material, but they also contained a number of titles in other genres; war, martial arts and mystery/suspense being chief among them. Most of those books were of … Continue reading BHOC: THE MANY GHOSTS OF DOCTOR GRAVES #12


Whoever was responsible for selecting which old Charlton comics would be reissued in the 3-Bags put out under the Modern Comics imprint made some baffling selections. Take JUDOMASTER for example. Modern reissues four issues of the series: #93, #94, #96 and #98. Why not consecutive issues? Who knows? It may have been that these were … Continue reading BHOC: JUDOMASTER #96


This issue of JUDOMASTER was another of the books from the Charlton back catalog that Modern Comics reissued in the 1970s and sold three-to-a-bag through a network of discount department stores, supermarkets and the like. And it was another title that came into my possession during this time. I wasn't quite as crazy about Judomaster … Continue reading BHOC: JUDOMASTER #94


There were other comic books that I got in those Modern Comics 3-Bags as well as the aforementioned super hero titles. The company also reprinted a smattering of suspense, martial arts and heroic fiction books. And as you probably know by now if you've been reading this feature consistently, those were of only limited interest … Continue reading BHOC: HERCULES #11