While my subscription to FLASH had run its course, I still had a few issues of JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA coming to me. And so this one arrived in my mailbox one day, having made the slight transition to the DC Explosion format. Which is to say, it came down in price by a dime … Continue reading BHOC: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #158


FOOM, a.k.a. Friends Of Ol' Marvel, was the successor operation to the haphazard Marvelmania International once teh latter had gone belly-up. Stan Lee, now Marvel's publisher, still saw value in having a fan publication that could further ingratiate the readership with Marvel, as well as a place where the assorted licensing efforts that they'd begun … Continue reading FOOM #1


Another Thursday, another opportunity to ride my bike down into the center of town to our 7-11 after school to pick up the new comics. The conveyance and the distance has changed, and even the day of the week, but the process remains the same even today. There isn't much overt to say about picking … Continue reading BHOC: ACTION COMICS #486


I bought this issue of MARVEL TALES from my usual spinner rack at the local 7-11. It reprinted, as usual, a story from AMAZING SPIDER-MAN published about six years before. At that time, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN was in the midst of one of its more seismic changes: Stan Lee, having been promoted to publisher of the … Continue reading BHOC: MARVEL TALES #94

The Original Plot For The Unfinished JLA/AVENGERS Crossover

It's one of the great unfinished symphonies in the history of comics. After having successfully teamed up Superman and Spider-Man twice, Batman and the Incredible Hulk, and the X-Men and the New Teen Titans, in 1983 Marvel and DC were prepared to release JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA VS THE AVENGERS, uniting their two flagship teams … Continue reading The Original Plot For The Unfinished JLA/AVENGERS Crossover

The Monster Times #13

The MONSTER TIMES was a biweekly newspaper devoted to horror, science fiction and fantasy that began publication in 1972 and ran until 1976. In those days before the Internet, publications such as this one were the only way that fans nationwide could get inside information about the things they loved. The thirteenth issue featured an … Continue reading The Monster Times #13


This is another unfamiliar cover for me. Unfamiliar because the copy of this book that I got had been stripped of its cover, which was sent back to the distributor for credit. However, rather than destroying the remainder of the book as he was required to do, the wholesaler instead sold it and a mountain … Continue reading BHOC: DAREDEVIL #144


While it's perhaps lost its uniqueness a little bit given the sheer number of latter day crossovers between characters originating at different companies (and in some cases, in different forms of media) it would he difficult to understate the significance of SUPERMAN VS THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. For those who were there when it came out, … Continue reading The Outline for SUPERMAN VS THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN


My subscription to JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA was still in force, and so this next issue arrived one day in my mailbox. This was an issue of some note, both because it featured the wedding of the Atom (at a time when super hero weddings was still a relatively rare occurrence) and because only a … Continue reading BHOC: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #157


Here is another comic that I got coverless out of one of those plastic-wrapped bundles of coverless books whose covers had been sent back for credit, sold by my local drug store. And in fact, I think I wound up with two coverless copies of this same issue if memory serves, though how that happened … Continue reading BHOC: PETER PARKER, THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #6