End of the Year Stats – 2021

I'm a total sucker for analytical statistics, and so I always look forward a little bit to this point in the publication year, where I take stock over all of the assorted bits of content that I've posted not only across the previous 365 days but all the way back to the beginning of this … Continue reading End of the Year Stats – 2021

End of the Year Stats – 2020

We've now arrived at the end of our second year of operation on this page, and so as I did last year, I want to get a handle on just what the most popular posts and features have been around these parts, so that they can influence future decision-making concerning what to write about. Also, … Continue reading End of the Year Stats – 2020

End Of The Year Stats

It's been just over a year since I migrated all of this material over from Tumblr and set up this page as a clearinghouse for whatever nonsense i wanted to write about. And, being of fannish nature, I was curious about what the most popular features I'd done here were--both to guide me in future … Continue reading End Of The Year Stats


We comic book fans love statistics, don’t we? Whether it’s issue numbers, print runs, the number of pounds that our favorite character can lift (press) or whatever, we dig knowing the numbers. So when I became curious to know which particular books I’d gone over in this nostalgia-fueled trip down memory lane were the most … Continue reading BHOC TOP TEN