End of the Year Stats – 2020

We’ve now arrived at the end of our second year of operation on this page, and so as I did last year, I want to get a handle on just what the most popular posts and features have been around these parts, so that they can influence future decision-making concerning what to write about. Also, this will serve as a handy index for people looking for the most disseminated pieces we’ve done here.

So, beginning with the all-time list, once again the most well-read pieces came primarily from the Lee and Kirby category dealing with comic book history. I do have a few more of these in teh hopper already, so they’ll be coming along shortly.

The first non-Lee and Kirby comes in at #6, from the Five Best categoty:

And this last piece at #10 from the world of Everything Else:

When we pull our focus back to just pieces that have been posted within the last year, there are a few other ones that made the Top-10 for the year, beginning with an entry from the Perfect game category:

And the first entry from the repurposed Blah Blah Blog reprint posts:

And then, just to be completist, here are the top-ranked entries in all of the remaining categories:

Thanks as always to everybody who stopped by to read something, and especially to those who commented and/or posted links elsewhere. There’ll be more of the same to come for the remainder of this holiday break and then onward into 2021!

One thought on “End of the Year Stats – 2020

  1. I read your postings because I learn about the process of comic book generation, from the artist and writers to the editors to the publishers. In company politics that derail this process is so well hidden and yet you shine a light on that element also. Take a bow.


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