Make Mine Marvel Memorabilia

These days, thanks especially to the global reach of the Marvel Studios films, you can't turn around but for bumping into some piece of merchandise based on the Marvel characters. There truly is a cornucopia of stuff out there, both wonderful and less-than-wonderful. But in the early days, before the characters had exploded in popularity, … Continue reading Make Mine Marvel Memorabilia

Stop Us If You’ve Read This Before!

One of the things that I've been enjoying over the last couple of months has been the biweekly livestreaming performances by Jim Infantino, the nephew of comic book royalty Carmine Infantino, who had previously fronted the band Jim's Big Ego. (For those who are interested, the recordings of these sessions are archived here: ) … Continue reading Stop Us If You’ve Read This Before!

Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins

I'm not really a believer in the concept of a "guilty pleasure". I like enough stupid stuff from all across the spectrum that there's really no other way to handle it all other than to embrace the assorted flaws and failings of it all, and just love it unironically. And yet still, with REMO WILLIAMS: … Continue reading Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins

Introducing “Comics” McCormick

The closest contender to Supersnipe for self-reflective comic book series of the Golden Age of Comics was the "Comics" McCormick feature, which ran for about half-a-dozen issues of TERRIFIC COMICS ("Loaded with Action!") beginning in 1944. "Comics" McCormick was the brainchild of Ed Wheelan, a former newspaper strip artist who had originated the Minute Movies … Continue reading Introducing “Comics” McCormick

Introducing Supersnipe

Among the mostly-forgotten series of the Golden Age of Comics, there are a few which self-reflexively turned their gaze on the comic book industry itself, and what effect it might be having on its youthful readers. Perhaps the best-remembered of these was Supersnipe, a character who made his debut in Volume 2 #3 of Street … Continue reading Introducing Supersnipe

The Comicollector #1

This is the first issue of Dr. Jerry Bails' newsletter, The Comicollector, dated September 1961. It was intended as a more periodical release than Bails' main fanzine, Alter-Ego , intended to provide a place for fans to buy, sell and swap comics and to disseminate the latest news and gossip from the big publishers. It … Continue reading The Comicollector #1