Excellent write up on Kamen Rider Black, but just one thing. It’s not a “Sentai series”. Sentai is for groups, most notably the Super Sentai in its various forms. The word itself means squadron, task force, and so on. So you wouldn’t apply it to Black. Henshin Hero is sometimes used for those solo characters who “henshin”, transform. Or even just “tokusatsu”, special effects, which is the overall genre for shows like Black, Super Sentai and co.

Great Covers

A precursor to the super-packed covers of George Perez, this Jack Kirby FANTASTIC FOUR ANNUAL cover promises an unending stream of colorful heroes and villains within the issue, practically every character that had been devised for the relatively-new Marvel line to date. The blurb at the center works like the target of a bullseye–you can’t … Continue reading Great Covers