Like FOOM before it, THE AMAZING WORLD OF DC COMICS was a fan magazine produced in-house--in this case, at National Periodical Publications. The work was done by the "Junior Woodchucks", a group of young editorial and production members who had been brought on staff. It was a very fine publication and represents a terrific inside … Continue reading THE AMAZING WORLD OF DC COMICS #2

5BC: Five Times Super Heroes Met Real People

Crossovers among characters originating in different comic books have become by this point so commonplace as to not even be worthy of notice, and crossovers between characters from different publishing entities have similarly increased to the point where, while they've still got a bit of built-in excitement to them, they're still relatively commonplace. But the … Continue reading 5BC: Five Times Super Heroes Met Real People

THE X-MEN COMPANION #1: Dave Cockrum Interview

It's more of the same here, another interview conducted by Peter Sanderson in 1982 for the first of Fantagraphics' X-MEN COMPANION books commemorating the creation of the new series and its meteoric rise to popularity in the early Direct Sales market. This one was a bit more expansive a piece than the last two because … Continue reading THE X-MEN COMPANION #1: Dave Cockrum Interview


I bought this issue of DEFENDERS on my regular trip to the 7-11 as well. This was the middle chapter of what is perhaps the greatest Defenders story ever told (for all that I acknowledge that any number of characters are a bit out of character in order to make it work.) It was three … Continue reading BHOC: DEFENDERS #63

Forgotten Masterpiece: FUNNYMAN #1

The basics are a familiar story to anybody who studies the history of comics. Young creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster sell the rights to their creation Superman to what would become DC/National Comics. As their ten-year contract to produce the strip was reaching its end and fearing that National wouldn't re-up it, the pair … Continue reading Forgotten Masterpiece: FUNNYMAN #1

ZIP COMICS #28 and the Origin of the Web

A week ago, I posted a feature in which writer Jerry Siegel and artist Paul Reinman revealed the secret origin of the Web, that 1960s-era costumed crusader who was "hen-pecked" by his wife Rosie and her mother to give up the super hero business and settle down to a regular life. I mentioned that … Continue reading ZIP COMICS #28 and the Origin of the Web


I picked up this new issue of ACTION COMICS on my weekly jaunt to the local 7-11 on Thursday when the new comics came in. It was the second-to=last issue that I purchased for a while. It's clear looking over the DC books of this period that the firm is still targeting a different audience … Continue reading BHOC: ACTION COMICS #487