(Not So) Great Covers: POWERS THAT BE #3

I don't really want to make this a regular thing, since it's always a lot easier to knock on something rather than being positive about it. But after last week's QUASAR cover https://tombrevoort.com/2023/01/14/not-so-great-covers-quasar-56/ I had a few people come back with comments of, "Oh yeah? Well, this cover is even worse!" And a few of … Continue reading (Not So) Great Covers: POWERS THAT BE #3

(Not So) Great Covers: QUASAR #56

This is actually the opposite of what we usually do here, spotlighting a particular great comic book cover of years past. This time, though, we're going to look at a cover that's all wrong. This cover actually hung in my office for years as an example to people of how not to approach doing a … Continue reading (Not So) Great Covers: QUASAR #56

Great Covers: WOW COMICS #10

Here's a really lovely and iconic pin-up cover of WOW COMICS featuring artist Marc Swayze's rendition of Mary Marvel, who had only taken over the cover position the previous issue. Rather that emphasizing action or danger or drama, Swayze here gives us a beauty shot of the new character, one that he had a hand … Continue reading Great Covers: WOW COMICS #10

Great Covers: PHANTOM STRANGER #20

That enormous banner touting the fact that DC's line has shrunk back down to a 32 page package for twenty cents does this piece a little bit of damage--not only does its color scheme not integrate well into the aesthetic of this piece, but it also causes the logo to crowd the head of the … Continue reading Great Covers: PHANTOM STRANGER #20

Great Covers: BATMAN #383

This is a pretty striking BATMAN cover, especially for the era. It's a good use of graphic design combined with a limited palette to achieve an effect. It's subtle, but you really can't miss that white-held portrait of Batman superimposed over the night's activities.the strong red-orange backgrounds giving the whole cover a bit of punch. … Continue reading Great Covers: BATMAN #383

Great Covers: DC Around The World 1

It's only natural that I would focus on Marvel releases as we look at the assorted overseas localizations of American comics. But that doesn't mean that's all that I have in my arsenal. So just for a change, let's spend this installment focusing on the competition, on how DC's titles have been represented across the … Continue reading Great Covers: DC Around The World 1

Great Covers: UNCANNY TALES #48

This is a very simple cover by Russ Heath, but very effective. The duochrome approach of limiting all colors to just red and yellow is arresting to teh eye--that red background is a like a stop sign when placed on a magazine rack among other publications. And the use of stats to have Harry's figure … Continue reading Great Covers: UNCANNY TALES #48

Great Covers: Marvel Around The World 8

As usual, it's a collection of foreign printings of Marvel stories that have weird, interesting or simply bizarre covers on them. This cover to FANTASK is almost entirely the reason why I'm doing another installment of this feature. It's a great re-imagining of the cover to AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1. I love those strange red 4s … Continue reading Great Covers: Marvel Around The World 8

Great Covers: MYSTERY IN SPACE #100

This cover to the 100th issue of the long-running science fiction anthology title MYSTERY IN SPACE is simultaneously totally on-the-nose while simultaneously being intriguing as hell. Yes, this moment is silly, but it promises an exciting story within, one laden with cross and double-cross. In many cases, though, once a buyer had paid their dimes … Continue reading Great Covers: MYSTERY IN SPACE #100