Great Covers: Marvel Around The World 7

Because I just don't get tired of them, here's another assortment of Marvel stories printed in countries around the globe and localized in terms of language and content. Let's start with another Golden Age issue of Guri from Brazil. As was the style at the time, both Captain America and Bucky seem to have forgotten … Continue reading Great Covers: Marvel Around The World 7

Great Covers: Marvel Around The World 6

As before, this is another collection of the covers to localized Marvel reprints from across the globe. This particular batch of covers I have less information about individually, so in may cases, I'm simply going to let the artwork do the talking. They're all pretty interesting to see at any rate. This German edition of … Continue reading Great Covers: Marvel Around The World 6

Blah Blah Blog – Covers, Part 2

A post from my ancient Marvel blog, part of a sequence on the history of approaches to covers. Covers pt 2 April 28, 2007 | 1:00 AM | By Tom_Brevoort | In General Continuing our series on the history of covers and cover theory.By the late 1940s, after the second World War had ended, sales … Continue reading Blah Blah Blog – Covers, Part 2

Great Covers: FALLING IN LOVE #121

This is a really pretty romance cover by Tony DeZuniga, one that draws upon larger influence in pop culture and the sorts of op art approaches that had garnered attention. It seems very sophisticated, way more so than the standard romance comic material that fills the insides of the book. But covers such as this … Continue reading Great Covers: FALLING IN LOVE #121

Great Covers: Marvel Around The World 5

It's been a while since we looked at some international covers for assorted Marvel masterworks of the past. So here are a bunch more--interesting in how the material was localized. One of the first places that Marvel material appeared in the United Kingdom during the 1960s was in the pages of the weekly comic book … Continue reading Great Covers: Marvel Around The World 5

Great Covers: SUPERMAN #145

Saw this cover the other day for the first time since it was originally published and was struck by how simple and how powerful the image here is. It's really a case where less is more, and the juxtaposition of the background American flag and the burning Superman cape forge an inescapable connection. Great use … Continue reading Great Covers: SUPERMAN #145

Great Covers: HOUSE OF SECRETS #88

Here's another masterful Neal Adams cover from an issue of HOUSE OF SECRETS, one of DC's mystery/supernatural anthology titles. It has to be said that, especially in the early part of the 1970s, these books carried uniformly great covers much of the time--it was a real showpiece for the artists involved. Here, Adams uses Crafttint … Continue reading Great Covers: HOUSE OF SECRETS #88

Great Covers: WESTERN OUTLAWS #3

A fantastic 1954 cover by the terrific Russ Heath for an issue of WESTERN OUTLAWS. It's an amazing piece of work in that Heath uses the reflection in the mirror behind the central gunman to fill in the gaps of the narrative--this single illustration delivers a complete story of action and reaction. Heath's fine linework … Continue reading Great Covers: WESTERN OUTLAWS #3

Great Covers: GREEN LANTERN #61

This is a pretty stunning GREEN LANTERN cover by series regular Gil Kane. More than anything, it's the posterlike coloring that really makes it pop--those striking blues and magentas. The sketch for this cover was almost certainly done by Carmine Infantino, who had been brought on as DC's cover designer in an attempt to make … Continue reading Great Covers: GREEN LANTERN #61