Great Covers: BATMAN #383

This is a pretty striking BATMAN cover, especially for the era. It's a good use of graphic design combined with a limited palette to achieve an effect. It's subtle, but you really can't miss that white-held portrait of Batman superimposed over the night's activities.the strong red-orange backgrounds giving the whole cover a bit of punch. … Continue reading Great Covers: BATMAN #383

Great Covers: DC Around The World 1

It's only natural that I would focus on Marvel releases as we look at the assorted overseas localizations of American comics. But that doesn't mean that's all that I have in my arsenal. So just for a change, let's spend this installment focusing on the competition, on how DC's titles have been represented across the … Continue reading Great Covers: DC Around The World 1

Great Covers: UNCANNY TALES #48

This is a very simple cover by Russ Heath, but very effective. The duochrome approach of limiting all colors to just red and yellow is arresting to teh eye--that red background is a like a stop sign when placed on a magazine rack among other publications. And the use of stats to have Harry's figure … Continue reading Great Covers: UNCANNY TALES #48

Great Covers: Marvel Around The World 8

As usual, it's a collection of foreign printings of Marvel stories that have weird, interesting or simply bizarre covers on them. This cover to FANTASK is almost entirely the reason why I'm doing another installment of this feature. It's a great re-imagining of the cover to AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1. I love those strange red 4s … Continue reading Great Covers: Marvel Around The World 8

Great Covers: MYSTERY IN SPACE #100

This cover to the 100th issue of the long-running science fiction anthology title MYSTERY IN SPACE is simultaneously totally on-the-nose while simultaneously being intriguing as hell. Yes, this moment is silly, but it promises an exciting story within, one laden with cross and double-cross. In many cases, though, once a buyer had paid their dimes … Continue reading Great Covers: MYSTERY IN SPACE #100

Great Covers: Marvel Around The World 7

Because I just don't get tired of them, here's another assortment of Marvel stories printed in countries around the globe and localized in terms of language and content. Let's start with another Golden Age issue of Guri from Brazil. As was the style at the time, both Captain America and Bucky seem to have forgotten … Continue reading Great Covers: Marvel Around The World 7

Great Covers: Marvel Around The World 6

As before, this is another collection of the covers to localized Marvel reprints from across the globe. This particular batch of covers I have less information about individually, so in may cases, I'm simply going to let the artwork do the talking. They're all pretty interesting to see at any rate. This German edition of … Continue reading Great Covers: Marvel Around The World 6

Blah Blah Blog – Covers, Part 2

A post from my ancient Marvel blog, part of a sequence on the history of approaches to covers. Covers pt 2 April 28, 2007 | 1:00 AM | By Tom_Brevoort | In General Continuing our series on the history of covers and cover theory.By the late 1940s, after the second World War had ended, sales … Continue reading Blah Blah Blog – Covers, Part 2

Great Covers: FALLING IN LOVE #121

This is a really pretty romance cover by Tony DeZuniga, one that draws upon larger influence in pop culture and the sorts of op art approaches that had garnered attention. It seems very sophisticated, way more so than the standard romance comic material that fills the insides of the book. But covers such as this … Continue reading Great Covers: FALLING IN LOVE #121

Great Covers; G.I. COMBAT #69

The DC war titles often used monochromatic covers for effect in the late 1950s and early 1960s and this Jerry Grandinetti image for G.I. COMBAT is a good example of why. Not only does it convey the mood of the moment in a gripping and visceral way, but the whites of the gunner's eyes stand … Continue reading Great Covers; G.I. COMBAT #69