Doctor Who: The Halloween Apocalypse

All right, so the first part of the six-part DOCTOR WHO season "The Flux" just aired, meaning that I've had time to gather my thoughts, which I'll share with you here. As usual, this isn't really meant as a review per se, more like just some casual conversation about the show, the story, and the … Continue reading Doctor Who: The Halloween Apocalypse


Just as with Jimmy Olsen, whose title we covered here a few weeks ago, so too was Lois Lane popular enough throughout the 1960s to headline a series all her won. This is thinks in no small part, I expect, to the portrayal of actress Noel Neill in the ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN television series, which … Continue reading WC: SUPERMAN’S GIRL FRIEND LOIS LANE #24

Blah Blah Blog – Why I Like Joe Q

A post from my long-ago Marvel blog, this one an example of a positive interaction with then-Marvel Editor in Chief Joe Quesada. I don't remember what photo was posted with this story originally, so I substituted what I could. Why I Like Joe Q June 13, 2008 | 1:00 AM | By Tom_Brevoort | In … Continue reading Blah Blah Blog – Why I Like Joe Q


Now this is a comic that I did purchase deliberately, albeit without this cover and in one of those plastic wrapped bundles of assorted coverless comic books my local drug store had taken to selling. I bought both this issue of MARVEL TALES and the next at the same time, giving me two parts of … Continue reading BHOC: MARVEL TALES #78

Great Covers: Marvel Around The World 8

As usual, it's a collection of foreign printings of Marvel stories that have weird, interesting or simply bizarre covers on them. This cover to FANTASK is almost entirely the reason why I'm doing another installment of this feature. It's a great re-imagining of the cover to AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1. I love those strange red 4s … Continue reading Great Covers: Marvel Around The World 8

Making “The Demon Within”

The SHAZAM Award given out by the Academy of Comic Book Arts for Best Dramatic Story in 1972 went to a memorable short piece that ran in HOUSE OF MYSTERY #201. It was written by John Albano, drawn by the great Jim Aparo and edited by Joe Orlando. It was titled "The Demon Within", and … Continue reading Making “The Demon Within”

Brand Echh: Werewolf #1

We've covered this point many times in this feature, but just to set the stage once more: by the mid-1960s, the super hero fad in comic book publishing had grown into a nationwide obsession thanks to the appeal of the BATMAN live action television series, which premiered on January 12, 1966. Super heroes as a … Continue reading Brand Echh: Werewolf #1

Blah Blah Blog – My Assistants

A post from my old Marvel blog concerning all of the various Assistant Editors I worked with over the years. Since this was written, I've worked with several more. My Assistants June 16, 2008 | 1:00 AM | By Tom_Brevoort | In General I stopped to think about it the other day, and I realized … Continue reading Blah Blah Blog – My Assistants


Another book that came to me out of one of those plastic-sealed bundles of 5 or 10 coverless comic books being sold by my local drug store. I was reading INCREDIBLE HULK by this point, but it wasn't a particular favorite, so this reprint wouldn't have been what I picked up the bundle for. But … Continue reading BHOC: MARVEL SUPER-HEROES #64

Doctor Who: The Flux pregame

We're just under a week away from the start of a new season of Doctor Who, this one produced under the difficult conditions of the pandemic lockdown. As we now know, this will represent the final full season for both actor Jodie Whittaker and the current production team headed up by Chris Chibnall. After which, … Continue reading Doctor Who: The Flux pregame