Great Covers: Marvel Around The World 8

As usual, it’s a collection of foreign printings of Marvel stories that have weird, interesting or simply bizarre covers on them.

This cover to FANTASK is almost entirely the reason why I’m doing another installment of this feature. It’s a great re-imagining of the cover to AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1. I love those strange red 4s on Reed and Sue’s uniforms, and the fact thatthe Thing somehow looks a bit like a gila monster crossed with a gorilla here.

Some wonderful coloring on this issue of O PODEROSO THOR on Loki’s godly attire. It’s apparently Asgard’s warm season.

A lovely Sub-Mariner-based cover to GIBI from 1946–save for the book’s unfortunate mascot up by the logo.

An issue of CAPITAO AMERICA that dares to ask the question: which of these characters is Captain America? Ghost Rider in green leathers with a pronounced red skull (did they perhaps confuse or conflate him with Cap’s foe?) is a choice.

The cover to this issue of LOS SUPER HEROES is at once both garish and incredible. Deathlok was apparently rechristened El Hombre Bionico/The Bionic Man for this marketplace.

On this issue of O GURI MENSAL, the Destroyer/Demolidor looks like he’s just got a skull tattooed on his belly.

And this issue of O GURI COMICO is noteworthy more for the cover art, which I’d bet was taken from a Captain America splash page. It’s at once crude and wonderful, and the bits of miscoloring only serve to add to the overall effect.

It’s a safe bet that the 1966 MARVEL SUPER-HEROES cartoon had started playing in the region in 1969 when this issue of ALMANAQUE SUPER-HEROIS was released. That’s a new piece for this cover, but it channels some of the art style of the source material–that’s a very Gene Colan/Vince Colletta-looking Namor, for one thing.

The Silver Surfer shares his pages with Captain Mar-vell, whose costume has become two-tone green (and honestly doesn’t look bad that way.)

A new home-grown cover for this issue of O GLOBO JUVENIL MENSAL based on a 1950s Captain America story drawn by a young John Romita.

Looks like this O DEMOLIDOR cover was built around a Joe Orlando/Vince Colletta interior figure that was lifted from the interiors. And he was colored all red in the manner of Daredevil’s later costume.

This UK issue of SPELLBOUND reuses the cover to an issue of TALES OF SUSPENSE with one unfortunate change. See that arrow pointing towards “Mr. Doll”? Well, unfortunately, that figure isn’t Mister Doll–it’s the Crimson Dynamo. I would imagine that both early Iron Man stories were reprinted in this issue.

Another issue of GURI, presented here because it’s unusual to see Miss America fronting an issue (though she seems to have lost her leggings, and perhaps her modesty. That logo is the Captain America logo with the Captain cut off as well.

And how cool is this copy of BIRIBA featuring the Sub-Mariner’s cousin Namora?

This is far from the best painted cover that I’ve ever seen, but it does somehow convey an almost dreamlike quality–even though O Homem De Ferro looks more like a robot here than a man in armor.

10 thoughts on “Great Covers: Marvel Around The World 8

  1. GURi #125 inspires a What If? story: What If Steve and Bucky missed that flying drone and Red Skull didn’t? Would he have survived if there had been a steering wheel?” This is the story we’ve been waiting for since 1964!

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  2. @TomBrevoort You almost coined a new name, “Gorgila”…

    Namor looks like he ate some bad fish, to turn green. He’s got a Johnny Weissmuller build…

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    1. Gamma rays. This is the Marvel Universe, where gamma rays makes everyone green. Some smart, some strong. Cosmic rays make you into something that reflects your self image. Museum of Natural History and Irresponsible Nuclear Experiments rays give you the powers of an arachnid. Truck rays give you radar sense, but take away whatever organ of yours they hit with their canister.

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      1. I remember a sequence during Peter David’s long run, in the Professor Hulk phase, with Betty in a groccerry store. She picks up a big watermelon, I think, then sees the label marking it as grown with gamma energy. Her eyes grow big, and she puts the melon back…


  3. Wow, lots of brazillian covers! The Marvel Super-Heroes cartoon actually started playing in brazillian TV in 1967 and at the same time the “0” issues of the new comics of those characters were distributed for free in Shell gas stations. The 1969 ALMANAQUE collected those 0 issues.

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