My brother Ken was still on his war comic kick, and so this issue of G.I.COMBAT came into the house, eventually to wind up in my possession. In the 1970s, particularly at DC, there was still a robust publishing plan for genres apart from super heroes: war comics, western comics, romance comics (although those were … Continue reading BHOC: G.I.COMBAT #199


THE NEW ORIGINAL WONDER WOMAN television series was regular viewing in my household. It was one of the very few representations of a comic book super hero on the screen, and while it was sometimes limited by its budgets and the crude special effects of the time, it made up for it through the appeal … Continue reading BHOC: WONDER WOMAN #228


I’m not 100% certain whether it was me or my brother Ken who bought this issue of SUPER-FRIENDS, but I ultimately ended up with it. And I really liked it–so much so that i ripped off its central villain for one of the amateur comics that I was creating at around this time. It’s a … Continue reading BHOC: SUPER-FRIENDS #3


I had missed the first issue of the TEEN TITANS revival, and I skipped the second (though i recall seeing it on the stands at the time–there must have been other books that I wanted more) but with this issue I finally took the plunge. Kid Flash’s prominent placement probably didn’t hurt. It must be … Continue reading BHOC: TEEN TITANS #46


Back when I was nine years old, I would have loved the idea of a JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA movie. I was a regular subscriber to the series and had been for a few years by this point. But this latest issue was extra-special–it was literally like getting two issues at once. For during this … Continue reading BHOC: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #139


This was a fairly inconsequential issue of DETECTIVE COMICS that I bought in the little candy store next door to my barber’s office. It’s another one where I didn’t recall any of the details of the lead story until I cracked it open again today. The Rich Buckler cover is all right, decently dramatic, a … Continue reading BHOC: DETECTIVE COMICS #467


I had skipped the previous two issues of DC SUPER-STARS–#10 I passed up after being challenged by the owner of the short-lived candy store in which I found it, and #9 had contained only a single Superman story backed up by other war, western and science fiction tales focusing on firearms–not enough to make me … Continue reading BHOC: DC SUPER-STARS #11