I don’t really have any strong memories of this issue of BATMAN FAMILY, apart from the fact that I would have purchased it at my local 7-11. It was, I expect, a perfectly entertaining outing, but not one that was noteworthy in any way. And ever since DC had dropped their classic reprints in favor … Continue reading BHOC: BATMAN FAMILY #14


I bought this issue of ACTION COMICS at my usual 7-11. In fact, this was the summer where, now being allowed to travel to the 7-11 on my own, I buckled down and spent a week determining when the new comics would arrive each week. Rather than simply asking somebody, I instead made a pilgrimage … Continue reading BHOC: ACTION COMICS #476


Okay, so I fouled up yesterday, thanks to a typo in my notes. It wouldn’t have been SUPER-TEAM FAMILY #14 that I bought after reading all of those FANTASTIC FOUR and MARVEL’S GREATEST COMICS issues, but rather the preceding issue, #13. Oops! So I’ll ask your indulgence to push that review forward in your minds … Continue reading BHOC: SUPER-TEAM FAMILY #13

In Our Next STAR BLAZERS Adventure

EPISODE 15 “That’s right! Smash the Star Force! Strike now, while we’ve got them at our mercy!” - General Lysis There’s really no getting around the fact that this episode of STAR BLAZERS is a bit of a mess. While it’s got some nice moments in it, the plotting stretches credibility past the breaking point, … Continue reading In Our Next STAR BLAZERS Adventure


After my new experimentation with the Fantastic Four and Marvel Comics, things got back to normal with my next purchase: the final installment of the “Atom’s Quest” saga that had been running in SUPER-TEAM FAMILY. In this final part, the Atom finally got to take headliner billing (albeit behind Wonder Woman, an acceptable compromise) rather than … Continue reading BHOC: SUPER-TEAM FAMILY #14