Great Covers – MASTER COMICS #16

It’s almost got more of a feeling of the flavor of World War One than the then-current WWII conflict, but this cover to MASTER COMICS #16 is another great example of the bold and clean simplicity of some of the early comic book covers. This piece is credited to Charles Sultan. That bold yellow-orange background … Continue reading Great Covers – MASTER COMICS #16

Great Covers – PREZ #3

Boy, they don’t make ‘em like this one anymore–if they ever did! This is the cover of PREZ, one of the most insane series ever produced by mainstream comics. And this cover by Jerry Grandinetti defies you not to pick it up and look inside. I’ve got a few qualms–I don’t love the balloon lettering … Continue reading Great Covers – PREZ #3

Great Covers – TALES TO ASTONISH #34

Another Kirby. No story in the world is going to live up to the potentials imagined by this cover image. It’s also an early example of Stan Lee’s hyperbolic cover copy, albeit in a restrained way. It’s a bit dicey to refer to your own work as a ready-made classic, after all–though Stan could usually … Continue reading Great Covers – TALES TO ASTONISH #34

Great Covers – THOR #155

Let’s talk about Jack Kirby for a moment. Kirby is pretty much the greatest creative force in comics. But as a cover artist, his efforts could be a bit uneven. Now, he did some marvelous covers, but also his share that were cluttered, oddly-composed or just ineffective. Given the number of covers he produced over … Continue reading Great Covers – THOR #155

Great Covers – SUPERMAN #233

An acknowledged classic, for obvious reasons, this SUPERMAN #233 cover features a Superman who is lean, powerful, dramatic and realistic (at least within the context of a super hero comic book cover.) The yellow-orange background silhouettes and pops his figure perfectly. This is also the first time that the trick of the “Big #1” is … Continue reading Great Covers – SUPERMAN #233

Great Covers – SUPERMAN #23

If there is a better WWII-era SUPERMAN cover than this Jack Burnley masterpiece, I’ve never seen it. The whole story is there in a single image: the sinking of the American steamer, the terror on the part of the Nazi submariners, and the terrible anger of Superman himself. The outcome is never in doubt. (If … Continue reading Great Covers – SUPERMAN #23

Great Covers – FRONTLINE COMBAT #7

War comics often tended to have the best covers, but even among that field, this cover to FRONTLINE COMBAT #7 by Harvey Kurtzman is a stand-out. Far from the stark realism that most war covers strive for, Kurtzman’s trademark impressionistic style rather conveys the emotional weight of the moment. He’s drawing not so much what … Continue reading Great Covers – FRONTLINE COMBAT #7

Great Covers – DETECTIVE COMICS #880

This is a brilliant, excellent modern comic book cover by Jock for DETECTIVE COMICS #880. Simple, imaginative, elegant and graphic, it captures the attention and says something about the character–in this case, how the Joker’s fluttering thoughts are all focused on his arch-rival, the Batman. The simplified palate of black, white and red is used … Continue reading Great Covers – DETECTIVE COMICS #880