5BC: Five Best Comics of 1983

Another instant masterwork from the typewriter of Alan Brennert, this issue of BRAVE AND THE BOLD brings the story of the original Batman of the 1930s and 40s (i.e. the Earth-2 model) to a satisfying and emotional conclusion, as he finds his soulmate in Selina Kyle as the two battle the Scarecrow. As usual, Brennert … Continue reading 5BC: Five Best Comics of 1983


Another reprint title, also purchased at my local 7-11. I can remember coming home with it, stopping off at a friend's house along the way. As MARVEL'S GREATEST COMICS reprinted classic Fantastic Four stories, it was a no-brainer for me to pick up; at this moment, FANTASTIC FOUR was probably my favorite comic book, a … Continue reading BHOC: MARVEL’S GREATEST COMICS #75

In Our Next STAR BLAZERS Adventure

EPISODE 42 "Whoa...Telezart...Telezart...I can't bear to think of what will happen to you...Trelaina!" - Mark Venture This was another episode that emphasized the human and emotional drama over space battles and fisticuffs. While these episodes may have seemed slow to some of the young viewers, they were really the essential difference between STAR BLAZERS and … Continue reading In Our Next STAR BLAZERS Adventure


It seems appropriate, though a fluke, to be talking about this issue of MARVEL TRIPLE ACTION on this weekend, when the AVENGERS: ENDGAME film is shattering box office records worldwide. Having edited AVENGERS for far longer than anyone else, it's all pretty relevant to me--back in the day, when Stan Lee would facetiously talk about … Continue reading BHOC: MARVEL TRIPLE ACTION #39

Lee & Kirby: The Unused INCREDIBLE HULK #4 Pages

I think it's fair to say that, as a series, the original run of INCREDIBLE HULK was troubled. It wrapped up after a mere six issues, and had Stan Lee and Jack Kirby not had a creator's affection for the character and started using him in the pages of AVENGERS and other titles, it's doubtful … Continue reading Lee & Kirby: The Unused INCREDIBLE HULK #4 Pages

In Our Next STAR BLAZERS Adventure

EPISODE 41 "Talan, why so gloomy? Be happy, we are about to enter the Milky Way! You must give a full report to Desslok! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!" - Princess Invidia This next week of STAR BLAZERS began with a bunch of table-setting for the events that would play out across the back half … Continue reading In Our Next STAR BLAZERS Adventure