As I understand things, the Neal Adams image that was used on the cover to this issue of SUPERMAN was sitting around in editor Julie Schwartz’s flat files, an inventory piece or just something that Neal had done to amuse himself. Writer Marty Pasko saw it and wanted to use it on one of his … Continue reading BHOC: SUPERMAN #317


It might have been the same trip to my Grandmother’s home as when I picked up SHOWCASE #95, it might not–but I know that I bought my copy of BATMAN FROM THE 30s TO THE 70s at a bookstore in the Green Acres Mall in Valley Stream where she lived. It was a big purchase, … Continue reading BHOC: BATMAN FROM THE ’30s TO THE ’70s


I bought this issue of SUPERMAN at my usual 7-11. That’s a nice cover by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, an artist who’d begun to pop up across the DC titles, giving them a more modern sheen. He’d eventually wind up doing much of his work for DC’s licensing department, his drawing appearing on apparel and toys … Continue reading BHOC: SUPERMAN #316


A pretty sharp cover by Jose-Luis Garcia Lopez kicks off this latest issue of ACTION COMICS. Garcia Lopez is very much an artist’s artist, and was another exciting new figure on the DC scene in the 1970s, who somehow never quite became a break-out star, largely because he never did a long sustained run on … Continue reading BHOC: ACTION COMICS #475


By now, I was a regular reader of SUPERMAN, thanks primarily to the writing of Marty Pasko. Pasko’s run on the book has pretty well been forgotten now, but he did some nice things with the character and with the cast, while still operating firmly within the parameters of a Julie Schwartz comic book. A … Continue reading BHOC: SUPERMAN #315