Now this is one of my favorite Justice League stories of all time. The fact that I read it as a reprint at a very young and impressionable age probably has something to do with that. But also, it played upon one of my personal fears as a child. Having watched an especially terrifying episode … Continue reading WC: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #19


From a fan engagement point of view, there was probably no more galvanizing comic book at the start of the Silver Age of Comics than JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA. Fans--particular Dr. Jerry Bails, who pretty much founded super hero fandom with his associate Roy Thomas--had campaigned to get a new, updated version of the Justice … Continue reading WC: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #18

Brand Echh: Son of Vulcan #50

As we've spoken about in the past, Charlton Comics never really had a motivated interest in getting into the super hero field. They were quite happy most of the time to produce their line of largely-interchangeable war, romance, mystery, hot rod and western comics. But every once in a while, somebody at the organization would … Continue reading Brand Echh: Son of Vulcan #50


It's been well covered over the years that in 1964, with sales flagging thanks to editor Jack Schiff clinging to an outdated approach to the character as the Silver Age blossomed, the reins of the Caped Crusader's two titles were handed over to editor Julie Schwartz, in the hopes that Schwartz, who'd had a lot … Continue reading WC: DETECTIVE COMICS #329

When Batman Used A Gun

It's an argument that comes up every couple of months like clockwork, especially when some new film or television project is announced. There are always those that espouse that Batman, in order to be treated realistically, should carry and use a gun. And these people inevitably point to the character's earliest days as justification, talking … Continue reading When Batman Used A Gun


JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #17 was another issue of the title that I got in that box of Silver Age comics that I purchased for fifty dollars back in 1988. By this time, the formula of the series had largely crystalized, and it was as reliable a product as must anything else being released by … Continue reading WC: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #17


This was another wonderful issue of MYSTERY IN SPACE that I got in my Windfall Comics purchase of 1988. Just looking at the book, you can get a sense as to how much more invested editor Julie Schwartz was when working on science fiction material. He'd started out as an SF fan, and eventually found … Continue reading WC: MYSTERY IN SPACE #68