Lee & Kirby: FANTASTIC FOUR #1, Part One

FANTASTIC FOUR #1 was the beginning of what would grow into the Marvel Age of Comics, where Stan Lee and Jack Kirby revolutionized the field and unleashed a wave of characters and concept that have achieved worldwide popularity and renown in the decades since. So it's now seen as an important issue. And from what … Continue reading Lee & Kirby: FANTASTIC FOUR #1, Part One


On that same weekly trip to the 7-11 I came across and was delighted by this issue of CAPTAIN AMERICA, a title that I didn't normally read. And it had everything to do with this cover, where, rather than Cap's usual masthead partner the Falcon, the co-star in this particular issue was the Human Torch. … Continue reading BHOC: CAPTAIN AMERICA #216


My brother Ken was still reading the occasional war comic, and so this issue of WEIRD WAR TALES, which eventually came into my possession. This is the kind of comic book that really doesn't get made any more, one designed to be read and enjoyed once, by any novice reader, and then discarded. There were … Continue reading BHOC: WEIRD WAR TALES #58

Best of Have Gun – Will Travel

#2 - S02Ep26 - "Death of a Gunfighter" I have a great deal of affection for this episode specifically for how many times it turns the direction of the plot. Having worked in the field of storytelling for around thirty years now, I've got a pretty ingrained sense of where a given story is going … Continue reading Best of Have Gun – Will Travel