I'm not certain at this late date--memory fades after a while--but I think I got this issue of SUPERMAN FAMILY at the supermarket (an appropriate venue, when you think about it.) I wasn't reading the title regularly, but I'd been pulled into the previous issue by the story teaming up Superman with is older Earth-2 … Continue reading BHOC: SUPERMAN FAMILY #187

Great Covers: Marvel Around the World

One of the many things that fascinates me about the history of comics is the manner in which these stories and characters were exported around the world--the mad, slapdash, haphazard manner in which the Marvel super heroes made their way across the globe. It was typical that color guides might not be provided, resulting in … Continue reading Great Covers: Marvel Around the World

In Our Next STAR BLAZERS Adventure

EPISODE 45 "I wish I were drinking this with you, my friend. Goodbye." - Sergeant Knox This week of STAR BLAZERS episodes ended with another strong entry, one that served to redefine the relationship between Wildstar and Space Marine Sergeant Knox, and one that was also very affecting and dealt with subject matter that other … Continue reading In Our Next STAR BLAZERS Adventure


During this period of time, my brother Ken developed a fascination with the Incredible Hulk and so began buying comic books featuring the green goliath. Like his other forays into the world of four colors, this one also proved fleeting, and these books all eventually wound up with me. For myself, I found it difficult … Continue reading BHOC: INCREDIBLE HULK #219

In Our Next STAR BLAZERS Adventure

EPISODE #44 "Never before has the Comet Empire been forced to change its course! If we had avoided the confrontation with Trelaina, it never would have happened! An Empire is built on victories, not defeats! Trelaina has taught me a valuable lesson, never again will I listen to anyone whose advice runs counter to my … Continue reading In Our Next STAR BLAZERS Adventure