Editor Mort Weisinger wound up inheriting the oversight on WORLD'S FINEST COMICS in the DC editorial shuffle that passed the flagging Batman titles into the hands of editor Julie Schwartz in the hopes that Julie could reverse their fortunes. One gets the sense that, while he was happy enough to have another series that regularly … Continue reading WC: WORLD’S FINEST COMICS #160

The First X-Men Parody

We covered one of the previous SHOWCASE issues featuring the Inferior Five not that long ago--and in fact, here's a link to that piece for anybody who missed it. https://tombrevoort.com/2022/10/15/the-first-hulk-parody/ But the gist is that the Inferior Five were the brainchild of writer E. Nelson Bridwell, originally conceived as a satire of the Fantastic Four … Continue reading The First X-Men Parody


During the Silver Age of Comics, there was a prevailing wisdom that it was the cover that sold the magazine, rather than any quality within the book itself. Comics were largely an impulse purchase on the part of numerous casual young readers, so coming up with a cover image that would grab their imagination and … Continue reading WC: WORLD’S FINEST #151

The First Hulk Parody

By 1966, there was no way for industry leader DC/National Comics to be unaware of the growing appeal of upstart publisher Marvel--especially given that both companies' output was distributed by an outfit owned by National's owners. Marvel's growth was often scoffed at and decried as a passing fad, but as the firm started making inroads … Continue reading The First Hulk Parody


One of the hugest steps forward for the growing popularity of the Man of Steel in his earliest years and the event that represents the apex of the Superman fad which opened the floodgates to dozens of similar costumed champions in the pages of dozens of comic books was the arrival of Superman on the … Continue reading SUPERMAN: MATINEE IDOL Times Three


Wrapping up our coverage of the first issue of DC's in-house comic book fanzine, THE AMAZING WORLD OF DC COMICS. The series ran for 17 issues, as well as a few special releases both immediately before and during its run. It remains a treasure trove of information and artifacts about the National Periodical Publications of … Continue reading THE AMAZING WORLD OF DC COMICS #1, Part 3


Continuing on with our look at the first issue of DC/National Periodical Publications' in0house fanzine, THE AMAZING WORLD OF DC COMICS. An introduction to the DC interns known as the "woodchucks" as well as the men who supervised them. Most of these individuals went on to have prominent careers in the field, notably Paul Levitz. … Continue reading THE AMAZING WORLD OF DC COMICS #1, Part 2

Comics Creators in the Wild 11

Another installment of our popular feature where we showcase vintage photographs of popular comic book creators from days gone by. This is sometimes known as "Stan Lee and friends" given how often Lee was photographed over the years. Mark Gruenwald and Nel Yomtov at a convention in the late 1980s Renee Witterstaetter at a party … Continue reading Comics Creators in the Wild 11