Brand Echh – Inferior Five #6

The Powers-That-Be at DC Comics in the 1960s could see that something was going on over at Stan Lee's new upstart Marvel imprint, but they were ill-equipped to figure out just what. This is largely due to the fact that the editorial and creative staff remained largely unchanged since the halcyon days of the 1940s. … Continue reading Brand Echh – Inferior Five #6


This issue of SUPERMAN FAMILY introduced one of my legitimately favorite obscure and forgotten DC heroes, so it's a noteworthy release to me. But we'll get to that in a little while. It's got a very nice, dynamic Jose Luis Garcia Lopez cover as well--JLGL was making some waves with is work in fandom circles, … Continue reading BHOC: SUPERMAN FAMILY #188


Today, there are thousands of books on vintage comics, both collections of material from decades ago or literary tomes discussing those works, how they were created, what impact they had and what they meant. But in the 1970s, the landscape for such volumes was exceedingly scarce. So it was positively an event when a new … Continue reading BHOC: SHAZAM! FROM THE ’40s TO THE ’70s


My Aunt Clementine was my Grandmother’s sister, and she and my Uncle Jerry Blazer shared a house with my grandparents that they’d all purchased in 1955 and remained in for almost 50 years. Because of this, they were very much immediate family, although we didn’t see them as often since Clem didn’t like to travel … Continue reading BHOC: SHAZAM #32


It might have been the same trip to my Grandmother’s home as when I picked up SHOWCASE #95, it might not–but I know that I bought my copy of BATMAN FROM THE 30s TO THE 70s at a bookstore in the Green Acres Mall in Valley Stream where she lived. It was a big purchase, … Continue reading BHOC: BATMAN FROM THE ’30s TO THE ’70s


The new series of SUPER-FRIENDS hadn’t premiered yet–the show had been in constant reruns since it debuted in the fall of 1973. But over at DC, they knew what was happening, and writer E. Nelson Bridwell took the opportunity to introduce the new characters who’d be featured in the show ahead of time in a … Continue reading BHOC: SUPER-FRIENDS #7


I’m not certain what made me decide to pick up this issue of SHAZAM, though I’d imagine that it has something to do with the return of another Golden Age hero, Fawcett’s Minute Man, in the story. I’m pretty sure I got it while on a visit to my grandparents, so that may have played … Continue reading BHOC: SHAZAM #31