Brand Echh: National Lampoon and the other Neal Adams Deadman

The NATIONAL LAMPOON is one of the great publishing success stories of the 1970s. It was effectively spun out of the long-running Harvard Lampoon published by that institution of higher learning by a number of graduates, and it successfully plugged into the zeitgeist of its era, expanding at its height beyond simply a monthly magazine … Continue reading Brand Echh: National Lampoon and the other Neal Adams Deadman


When I first started writing about the books I acquired in my Windfall Comics deal, I mentioned that they were all super hero titles. But it turns out that isn't 100% accurate. Because nestled in there among assorted issues of FANTASTIC FOUR and JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA was this one issue of BRAVE AND THE … Continue reading WC: BRAVE AND THE BOLD #45

Blah Blah Blog – Letter of the Day

An entry from my once-active Marvel blog, this one showcasing a letter that I had received. Letter of the Day May 1, 2008 | 1:00 AM | By Tom_Brevoort | In General Remember when I used to write one of these almost every day? Me either. It's starting to read like the the competition's text … Continue reading Blah Blah Blog – Letter of the Day


It was a bit of collateral damage, really. One of the drawbacks with buying any random assortment of comics like the plastic-wrapped bundled of coverless older books that my local drugstore chain had begun to sell meant that when you bought a particular package, you were going to wind up with stuff that you simply … Continue reading BHOC: ADVENTURE INTO FEAR #30


Here's a second portion of our look at Marvel's archived stats for FANTASTIC FOUR #1, as close to looking at the original artwork as we can get. As with last time, there isn't a whole lot new that's revealed here. But having the ability to get up real close on some of these pages does … Continue reading Lee & Kirby: THE STATS OF FANTASTIC FOUR #1, Part 2

Blah Blah Blog – Iron Man Week Ends

A posting from my old Marvel blog written on the week the first IRON MAN movie opened in 2008. Iron Man Week Ends May 5, 2008 | 1:00 AM | By Tom_Brevoort | In General A day late but not a dollar short (did you see the excellent box office estimates?), here's the wrap-up on … Continue reading Blah Blah Blog – Iron Man Week Ends

The First Black Panther Story

Given the wide and bizarre assortment of super heroes and adventure characters tossed off during the Golden Age of Comics, it's small wonder that there are antecedents of a kind for all manner of characters who, in a later incarnation, went on to prominence. So it was with the Black Panther, who made his first … Continue reading The First Black Panther Story


This is another comic book that I bought back in the day whose cover is largely unfamiliar to me. And that's because this was another book that I got in one of those clear plastic-wrapped bundles of coverless comics that were by this point being sold by my local drugstore in lieu of their earlier … Continue reading BHOC: DEFENDERS #46

The Rocket’s Blast/ComiCollector #152

The Rocket's Blast/ComiCollector was one of the longest-running fanzines of its era. Originally, it had begun as two separate 'zines both started in 1961--the Rocket's Blast, created by Miami-based fan G.B. Love, and the Comicollector by Jerry Bails. Eventually, the two combined their mailing lists and merged with #29 (continuing the numbering of The Rocket's … Continue reading The Rocket’s Blast/ComiCollector #152


It must be said that in the early 1960s, BATMAN was a weird comic book. The Caped Crusader was still popular, he was holding down regular positions in not only his self-titled series but also in DETECTIVE COMICS and WORLD'S FINEST (and occasionally appearing in JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA whenever his editor Jack Schiff's back … Continue reading WC: BATMAN #146