Perfect Game – SUPERMAN #400

This is the single greatest issue of SUPERMAN ever put together in the character's 80 year history. Closer to home, it's the special Anniversary issue that I'm always jockeying against in my own mind when it comes to put together a book of this sort for the Marvel characters. Of course, I fail to clear … Continue reading Perfect Game – SUPERMAN #400

Perfect Game: ZOT! #33

Scott McCloud's ZOT! has become somewhat forgotten over the past three decades, overshadowed by his later work on UNDERSTANDING COMICS and its sequels, and even his epic graphic novel, THE SCULPTOR. But it's a brilliant strip, very much ahead of its time. McCloud was one of the first to apply the influences of Japanese manga … Continue reading Perfect Game: ZOT! #33

Perfect Game – Introduction

There's no such thing as a perfect comic book--or really, a perfect anything. Into any production some error or weakness is going to creep. It's inevitable, and will be so long as human beings are responsible for creative work. But that doesn't mean that on occasion perfection isn't approached. Every once in a while a … Continue reading Perfect Game – Introduction