Great Covers – EXCITING COMICS #35

This Alex Schomburg cover for EXCITING COMICS is as chock-a-block full of imagery as any of his Timely covers, and yet it’s almost the antithesis of them, in that here it’s the heroes who seem needlessly violent and brutal. Sure, those are enemy Japanese soldiers (caricatured hatefully though they are), but they’re not doing anything … Continue reading Great Covers – EXCITING COMICS #35

Great Covers – CAPTAIN AMERICA #230

This Ron Wilson CAPTAIN AMERICA cover conveys the power of the Hulk in a visceral way–not by focusing on his size or weight, but on the shattering impact of one of his blows on Cap’s shield. It puts the viewer right at the heart of the action, and makes it feel almost as though that … Continue reading Great Covers – CAPTAIN AMERICA #230

Great Covers – BATMAN #205

The sketch for this Irv Novick BATMAN cover had to have been done by Carmine Infantino, who had been brought on staff by DC in the late 1960s to punch up the graphics of their line, which had grown stale over the years. It’s a masterful cover–that tilted ground line, the extreme close-up on the … Continue reading Great Covers – BATMAN #205

Great Covers – THOR #157

I think that, more than anything, it’s the coloring that makes this THOR cover by Jack Kirby stand out. There’s a lot of interesting modeling being done, in a way that wasn’t typical for the time, and the overall red hue gets across a real feeling of Armageddon. Also impressive is the fact that Mangog … Continue reading Great Covers – THOR #157

Great Covers – ACTION COMCS #361

This Neal Adams ACTION COMICS cover is perhaps not all that shocking these days, but in the time period when it was published, it was a revelation. This was simply not the sort of cover that you saw on a DC comic. Instead of a sedate and almost picturesque image conveying a high concept in … Continue reading Great Covers – ACTION COMCS #361

Great Covers – G.I. COMBAT #80

A terrific Russ Heath G.I. COMBAT cover taking full advantage of halftones to create a painted look to the artwork. DC production maven Jack Adler experimented with adding greytones to covers throughout the late 1950s and early 1960s, often to excellent effect. The color here is marvelous as well–that fireball couldn’t seem any more hot … Continue reading Great Covers – G.I. COMBAT #80