BHOC: Power Records: The Fantastic Four

I've mentioned before that, since beginning to follow the adventures of the Fantastic Four, I was very interested in reading the first issue of the series, such was my desire to know more about the history of comics. I had been on the lookout for a copy of ORIGINS OF MARVEL COMICS for a few … Continue reading BHOC: Power Records: The Fantastic Four


Ever since I had become interested in the Fantastic Four, I had a burning desire to read the first issue of that series. from having haunted the Humor section in my local bookstores over the years (which is where anything even vaguely related to comics wound up being shelved), I knew that this first story … Continue reading BHOC: SON OF ORIGINS OF MARVEL COMICS


This was the second of the three issues of MARVEL’S GREATEST COMICS that I bought out of the big bin of comics at my local drug store, having enjoyed the first trio of FANTASTIC FOUR issues that I had read. During this period, Marvel maintained a full line of reprint books, serving up the stories … Continue reading BHOC: MARVEL’S GREATEST COMICS #59