5BC: Five Best Unofficial DC Crossovers

Beyond just inspiring mischievous creators to come up with ways to have characters at rival companies Marvel and DC meet, the anarchic and rebellious spirit of the Bronze Age extended beyond the bounds of the immediate industry, prompting writers and artists to come up with ways to appropriate other characters outside of what was permissible … Continue reading 5BC: Five Best Unofficial DC Crossovers

Great Covers – G.I. COMBAT #54

It's the word balloon that really puts this one over the top, that and the strong primary red background. And that logo pops like crazy. Artwork by Jerry Grandinetti. A great cover that tells an entire story in a single image, and is cool as hell. You can understand why DC sold so many war … Continue reading Great Covers – G.I. COMBAT #54

Blah Blah Blog – My So-Called Career, Bonus

A post from my old Marvel blog concerning which books were on sale when I first started interning at Marvel in 1989. My So-Called Career - Bonus! April 28, 2007 | 1:00 AM | By Tom_Brevoort | In General As a quick snapshot, so that you folks can get a sense of what Marvel was … Continue reading Blah Blah Blog – My So-Called Career, Bonus


The next issue of MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE turned up at my 7-11 this next week, with what would be the final chapter of a story that had been running for three issues now. This part is written by Roger Slifer, who had not worked on the preceding issues and it goes off in some strange directions--enough … Continue reading BHOC: MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #39

Great Covers: TOMAHAWK #136

This is a great, visceral cover, and one that retains its relevance even today. By 1971, TOMAHAWK as a series was looking long in the tooth--it wasn't a western per se but rather set during the Revolutionary War, when Tom Hawk aka Tomahawk helped take on the Redcoats for a nation's independence. In an attempt … Continue reading Great Covers: TOMAHAWK #136


DISCLAIMER: All individuals, sales figures, situations and occurrences involved in this editorial simulation are completely fabricated as part of the game, and do not in any way reflect the actual real-world opinions, viewpoints or situations involving any of the creators or titles named. THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION! All right, I can see that … Continue reading EDITORIAL SIMULATION Move 2


Pretty sure that this was another issue that was bought by my brother Ken. He continued to follow the Hulk's adventures regularly for a few months before his attention shifted elsewhere and I wound up picking up both the baton and the issues he'd already bought. It's another reprint of a nine-year-old story from 1969--throughout … Continue reading BHOC: MARVEL SUPER-HEROES #71

Great Covers: WORLD’S FINEST #131

This cover showed up in one of my feeds yesterday--I've never seen it before. And yet, it is so bizarre and so eye-catching and attention-getting that I felt that I had to feature it here. I'm maybe not wild about the pink background, but those images of Superman and Batman turned into balloons are hysterical, … Continue reading Great Covers: WORLD’S FINEST #131

5BC: Five Best Unofficial Marvel and DC Crossovers

As the 1960s turned into the 1970s, two things were going on in the world of comics. Upstart publisher Marvel was gaining ground on its rival, the massive DC Comics, then known as National Periodical Publications. And a new generation of creators was coming into the field, one that had grown up reading comics as … Continue reading 5BC: Five Best Unofficial Marvel and DC Crossovers