Lost Crossovers: WOW COMICS #33

It was a relatively rare thing for the characters from one comic book or title to meet characters from another strip during the Golden age of Comics. Outside of the regular gatherings of the Justice Society of America in the pages of ALL-STAR COMICS, most heroes tended to remain in their own little worlds, battling … Continue reading Lost Crossovers: WOW COMICS #33

Crisis II – Julie Schwartz’s Idea

As we've been talking about these past couple of weeks, CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, the long-gestating DC 50th Anniversary project designed to streamline and tidy up their universe and their continuity was such an immediate and huge hit that plans were made even before the series had run its course to produce a sequel, a … Continue reading Crisis II – Julie Schwartz’s Idea


For some reason, possibly simple inertia, I had started regularly reading SGT FURY even though I wasn't typically a fan of war comics. That was maybe all right, because SGT FURY was really only a war comic in its trappings, the way HOGAN'S HEROES was about the war. It was really a comedic super hero … Continue reading BHOC: SGT FURY #149


This next issue of IRON MAN represented the beginning of one of the most storied runs in the title's history, even though it was the second part to an adventure already in progress. And that's because this issue heralded the arrival of a pair of creators who would leave their mark on the armored Avengers, … Continue reading BHOC: IRON MAN #116

The First Subbie Story

KID KOMICS was a bit of a hybrid production of Timely Comics, at least at the start. Launched in 1943, it split its focus between super hero adventure strips like the cover-spotlighted Captain Wonder and comedy series such as the unfortunate Whitewash and Knuckles, starring two of the Young Allies. Eventually, within a few issues, … Continue reading The First Subbie Story