Comics Creators in the Wild 1

Just like with our sequences on vintage comic books seen out and about in the world, so too do I have a relatively large collection of vintage photographs of writers, artists and editors either at work, in public or just generally goofing around. So why not show some of these vintage pictures off? Collected from … Continue reading Comics Creators in the Wild 1

Comics in the Wild 5

Another assortment of photographs from years past depicting either comic books on sale or readers of the age catching up with their favorites. This image takes on a different connotation when you realize that this young reader and his family are being displaced to an Internment Camp for the duration of WWII. Going to the … Continue reading Comics in the Wild 5

Secrets Behind The Comics 4

Continuing on in our review of this 1947 behind-the-scenes pamphlet published by Timely editor Stan Lee Here, Stan brings back Mario Acquaviva to talk about the skills involved in lettering comics, and he shows off some pages from a recent Sub-Mariner story. I have no idea where this story actually ran, so I can't pull … Continue reading Secrets Behind The Comics 4

Blah Blah Blog – The End of Viewer Mail

Another post from my Marvel blog of long ago, in which I answer some questions from the audience. The End of Viewer Mail April 28, 2007 | 1:00 AM | By Tom_Brevoort | In General All right, one last day of "viewer mail", and a little shower of art on the end--and next week, we'll … Continue reading Blah Blah Blog – The End of Viewer Mail

More Fun With Color Separations

Creator Bill Morrison posted a set of images from the 3M color separation proofs for the cover to this 1951 issue of MILLIE THE MODEL, and so I thought they were worth showing off here. It's relatively rare that proofs of this sort from that era turn up, and the relative simplicity of cover artist … Continue reading More Fun With Color Separations

Brand Echh: Modeling with Millie #54

Yes, that's right, I'm actually doing an installment of Brand Echh about a book published by Marvel. Seems heretical somehow, right? But in looking at this entry, this seemed to be the best category for it. The story saw print in the very last issue of MODELING WITH MILLIE, which was the second ongoing series … Continue reading Brand Echh: Modeling with Millie #54

Blah Blah Blog – Commit to the Idea

A post from my ancient Marvel blog concerning the need for all concerned to commit to the central conceit of the work. Friday, 5:22 April 28, 2007 | 1:00 AM | By Tom_Brevoort | In General So, back to talking about editing a little bit.One of the concepts that you need to understand and embrace … Continue reading Blah Blah Blog – Commit to the Idea


I had passed up this issue and the one prior to it, also featuring Nightcrawler, in my drugstore's Big Bin of Slightly Older Comics on several occasions. But eventually, having become more enamored of the new X-Men I went in search of the two. But by that time, whatever copies of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #161 there … Continue reading BHOC: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #162