I'm fairly certain that I came across these documents at Scott Edelman's blog. In any case, Scott was one of those who found these documents preserved in the back of a drawer in the Marvel offices and hung onto them. Around 1966, as Marvel was beginning to make its first faltering in-roads into other media, … Continue reading Lee & Kirby: THE CHARACTER WRITE-UPS OF STAN LEE

The Rocket’s Blast/ComiCollector #152

The Rocket's Blast/ComiCollector was one of the longest-running fanzines of its era. Originally, it had begun as two separate 'zines both started in 1961--the Rocket's Blast, created by Miami-based fan G.B. Love, and the Comicollector by Jerry Bails. Eventually, the two combined their mailing lists and merged with #29 (continuing the numbering of The Rocket's … Continue reading The Rocket’s Blast/ComiCollector #152

A Tiny Bit More on the original ending to X-MEN #137

I would have thought that I was finished with this subject for a while yesterday, but while cleaning up some files, I came across yet another artifact of the making of X-MEN #137 that I felt needed to be shared. At first, I considered simply going back and adding it into the original piece--but I … Continue reading A Tiny Bit More on the original ending to X-MEN #137

The original ending to X-MEN #137 & 138 and the pencils of John Byrne

The Death of Phoenix sequence in X-MEN is a milestone moment in the history of comics, one that changed the very trajectory of the entire industry. We spoke about it at length in a post under the Perfect Game heading: https://tombrevoort.com/2020/06/13/perfect-game-x-men-137/ But just to quickly recap: creators Chris Claremont and John Byrne were heading towards … Continue reading The original ending to X-MEN #137 & 138 and the pencils of John Byrne


I had passed up this issue and the one prior to it, also featuring Nightcrawler, in my drugstore's Big Bin of Slightly Older Comics on several occasions. But eventually, having become more enamored of the new X-Men I went in search of the two. But by that time, whatever copies of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #161 there … Continue reading BHOC: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #162


This was another comic book that I came into possession of through swapping with my buddy Donald Sims, and it was an acquisition of some great interest. In general, for me during this period, any comic book with a 20 cent price tag seemed old somehow, vintage--even though I had started reading during the last … Continue reading BHOC: X-MEN #87