Great Covers: WORLD’S FINEST #131

This cover showed up in one of my feeds yesterday–I’ve never seen it before. And yet, it is so bizarre and so eye-catching and attention-getting that I felt that I had to feature it here. I’m maybe not wild about the pink background, but those images of Superman and Batman turned into balloons are hysterical, and the entire image has that Intriguing-Story-In-A-Single-Image magic that DC used to do so well in the 50s and 60s. Apparently, nobody is 100% sure whose work this is–most seem to feel that it was penciled by Dick Dillin, but there are still some hardcores out there that insist that it’s the work of Jim Mooney. Either way, almost sixty years later it did what it was supposed to do–it made me stop and take a second look. Now I want to know who the Crimson Avenger is!

2 thoughts on “Great Covers: WORLD’S FINEST #131

  1. I don’t see any Dillin. As for Mooney, the villains do look similar to his style but not the heroes. Mooney and Schaffenberger(sp?) did stories featuring fat versions of main characters and those blimped out look like none of those…


  2. I remember either seeing this book at the newsstand or buying it when I was a kid. No idea who the Crimson Avenger was, though.


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