Great Covers – THOR #155

Let’s talk about Jack Kirby for a moment. Kirby is pretty much the greatest creative force in comics. But as a cover artist, his efforts could be a bit uneven. Now, he did some marvelous covers, but also his share that were cluttered, oddly-composed or just ineffective. Given the number of covers he produced over the years, though, that’s not really much of a surprise.

Here’s a good one, though. This THOR #155 cover puts the emphasis squarely on the monstrous Mangog. It was rare at this time to see a comic book cover without the main cover on it–Thor’s arm and hammer put in an appearance, though, cocked back in such a way that the action is implied. All of this makes the action seem more imminent, and the threat of Mangog more deadly. In this instance, it’s a novel choice that works.

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