Comics in the Wild 4

Here is yet another assortment of vintage comic books being sold or consumed in old photos collected from across the Internet. This looks like some enthusiastic fans until you realize that they've gathered up these "horrible comic books" to burn them. In this dressing room comic books are the thing. That's MASTER COMICS #36 that … Continue reading Comics in the Wild 4

Secrets Behind the Comics 2

Here's the second portion of SECRETS BEHIND THE COMICS, editor Stan Lee's self-published pamphlet which purported to give the inside story on how comic books were made. Even in 1947--and this applied to virtually all of the publishing house of the period, not just Timely--the Editor was the Key Man. This section does give us … Continue reading Secrets Behind the Comics 2

Secrets Behind the Comics 1

In 1947, still more than a decade before the Marvel revolution that would forever change the comic book industry and make his name a household word, Stan Lee toiled in obscurity at the editor of Martin Goodman's Timely Comics. It was a safe postwar job to go back to, but not one with a lot … Continue reading Secrets Behind the Comics 1

Super-Heroes With Super Problems

As I did last week, here's another important vintage Marvel-related article which I'm posting in response to all of the conversation concerning Abraham Riesman's new biography of Stan Lee, TRUE BELIEVER. This piece, which ran in the January 9, 1966 issue of the New York Herald Tribune Sunday magazine devoted to the new comic book … Continue reading Super-Heroes With Super Problems

Super Anti-Hero in Forest Hills

Given all of the recent chatter concerning Abraham Riesman's recent biography of Stan Lee entitled TRUE BELIEVER, I thought it might be of interest to post a few of the Marvel-related articles that he references in his text. And so here is this piece from the April 1, 1965 issue of the Village Voice, one … Continue reading Super Anti-Hero in Forest Hills

Even More on Color Separations

I ran across this Swedish printing of FANTASTIC FOUR #76 in my travels, and thought I'd share it. As happened on a not-infrequent basis, the local publisher, either by accident or because they were unfamiliar with what the colors of the characters were supposed to be, inadvertently switched the film for the yellow and cyan … Continue reading Even More on Color Separations

An Addition to the Guide to Marvel’s Unannounced Reprint Issues

I thought that I'd gotten them all, but it turns out that there was one last straggler instance of an unscheduled reprint being run in the place of an intended new story in a regular Marvel title due to unforeseen delays. I missed it because it didn't happen in a color comic, but rather in … Continue reading An Addition to the Guide to Marvel’s Unannounced Reprint Issues

More Woweekazowie #4

Woweekazowie #4, produced by Phil Iro, was really a pretty good fanzine. It contained a balanced mix of text features and fan-created comic strips, with the emphasis more on the latter. A number of creators who would later work in and around the industry produced their own home-grown strips for Woweekazowie. It's another one of … Continue reading More Woweekazowie #4