End Of The Year Stats

It’s been just over a year since I migrated all of this material over from Tumblr and set up this page as a clearinghouse for whatever nonsense i wanted to write about. And, being of fannish nature, I was curious about what the most popular features I’d done here were–both to guide me in future endeavors and just from idle curiosity. So I thought I would share the results with you.

Of the Top 10 most read posts, nine of them were from the Lee & Kirby series, which provides very clear evidence as to what the lion’s share of the audience is looking for here. Fair enough–I’ve got another one on tap for later on this week. Even so, I wouldn’t have guessed that the piece on the story that ran in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #8 would prove to be the most read one.

The only other piece to break into the Top 10 this year was this entry at #7, which talked at length about the purpose of super hero stories

From here, I think it’s worth pointing out the most popular entry in each of the assorted categories we’ve got set up here. I’ll skip Lee & Kirby since that was taken care of by the Top 10 itself.

So thanks to everybody who came by and read something over the course of the next year. I’m now formulating thoughts as to what I might do here over the coming year to keep things fresh and interesting (while continuing to produce pieces in the categories that continue to interest me.)

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