Here’s the second part of our look at the first SUPERHERO MERCHANDISE catalog, put together for entrepreneur Ivan Snyder by several moonlighting freelancers from Marvel and available through the mail. SUPERHERO MERCHANDISE eventually transformed into being HEROES WORLD, an outlet of which was the very first comic book store that I ever encountered, so I have some fondness for it even to this day. (Less well-remembered are the days when Heroes World was brought in to be Marvel’s exclusive distributor of comic books, an action that did lasting damage to the Direct Sales market.) Anyway, here are some of the treasures and trash that you could have mail-ordered from Snyder and his operation in the mid- to Late-1970s.

More Superhero Merchandise will be featured in teh weeks ahead!

7 thoughts on “SUPERHERO MERCHANDISE Catalog #1, Part Two

    1. A little research shows that the image doesn’t actually appear in either Amazing Adventures #3 or 4 from November-December 1970, but was surely drawn at that time.


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