I ordered a copy of this MARVEL TREASURY EDITION featuring the Fantastic Four from the Superhero Merchandise catalog--or as the firm would later be known, Heroes World. They had bought out Marvel and DC's back-stock of their various Treasury Editions and would sell them for years thereafter, often advertising in the comics themselves. I eventually … Continue reading BHOC: MARVEL TREASURY EDITION #2


We have reached a seminal moment in my development as a comic book reader. That Friday, my father told me about a new store that he'd head about--he pointedly didn't tell me that it was opening in the same mall where the branch of the Chase Manhattan Bank he was stationed at was located, which … Continue reading BHOC: OFFICIAL MARVEL INDEX #4

Superhero Merchandise

Before the wide spread availability of comic book retail stores, access to comic book merchandise was very hit-or-miss. While most big stores stocked some things, not every single thing that you might want was readily accessible. Beyond that, you might not even be aware that certain things existed. One operation that closed that gap was … Continue reading Superhero Merchandise