Great Covers – SECRET SIX #2

A masterful Op-Art cover to SECRET SIX by Dale Eaglesham that recalls the work of Jim Steranko in using Op-Art images in his illustrations. What Eaglesham does here is more straightforward than the typical Steranko piece, but it possesses the same sort of impact. Keeping the background white and the spears black makes Cat-Man in … Continue reading Great Covers – SECRET SIX #2

Great Covers – USA COMICS #7

Another crowded and overwhelming Alex Schomburg masterpiece, this cover to USA COMICS is typical of his output for Timely Comics. The figures of Cap and Bucky are large, ridiculously so in proportion to the other elements of the piece. But it works–even if it does look like Bucky is shooting down a toy plane with … Continue reading Great Covers – USA COMICS #7

Great Covers – GREEN LANTERN #74

A super-cool GREEN LANTERN cover by Gil Kane, quite possibly sketched by Carmine Infantino. This was only two issues before the seismic change to Neal Adams and the relevancy of the GREEN LANTERN/GREEN ARROW series, and this piece is dynamic and eye-catching. Very nice lettering on the copy as well, which truly serves to punctuate … Continue reading Great Covers – GREEN LANTERN #74

Great Covers – TALES TO ASTONISH #98

This Dan Adkins TALES TO ASTONISH illustration really isn’t anything special, but what makes this cover noteworthy is the monochromatic blue color, in this instance applied even to the corner box and Marvel logo. Stan Lee would occasionally favor such an approach to a cover, often to good effect (as on the X-MEN #17 cover … Continue reading Great Covers – TALES TO ASTONISH #98

Great Covers – WHIZ COMICS #22

A lovely and iconic WHIZ COMICS cover featuring Captain Marvel and his alter ego Billy Batson by C. C. Beck. This one just captures everything you need to know about the strip in a single image, particularly the big brother-little brother dynamic between Cap and Billy. Good use of color here, too–the red logo never … Continue reading Great Covers – WHIZ COMICS #22

Great Covers – DYNAMIC COMICS #8

What a disturbing cover to this issue of DYNAMIC COMICS, by an artist named Gus Ricca. I know nothing about him, but these creepily caricatured faces are thoroughly attention-grabbing and horrific! What’s up with the guy in the foreground whose face melts like wax and whose skull has been cut off to expose his brain? … Continue reading Great Covers – DYNAMIC COMICS #8

Great Covers – HOUSE OF SECRETS #92

An admitted classic, this Bernie Wrightson HOUSE OF SECRETS cover on the first appearance of Swamp Thing is really worth a closer look. The tonework is subtle and immaculately done, and the image is composed elegantly. All of the elements work, including the sensitive coloring. As some people will already know, Wrightson used a lot … Continue reading Great Covers – HOUSE OF SECRETS #92

Great Covers – CAPTAIN AMERICA #286

An often-homaged cover, this CAPTAIN AMERICA piece by Mike Zeck combines detail and composition into something of a synthesis of the approaches of Neal Adams and Jim Steranko. Deathlok’s red eye right at the center is focal point, and the diagonal of the gun and hand takes the viewer to the image of Captain America … Continue reading Great Covers – CAPTAIN AMERICA #286

Great Covers – IRON FIST #8

A simple and iconic John Byrne IRON FIST cover. This piece was done during a period where most covers were cluttered with figures and drowning in copy, so the impact of just being a shot of Iron Fist doing his thing right at your face would have been heightened. I’m not in love with that … Continue reading Great Covers – IRON FIST #8