Comics Creators in the Wild 5

Another batch of vintage photographs of comic book creators taken in years past. As usual, there are a number of these that revolve around Stan Lee, probably the most photographed creator of the era.

Roy Thomas wearing the first Spider-Man personal appearance costume at a comic convention in 1966
A sleepy Herb Trimpe in the Marvel Bullpen, circa 1971
Another image of Herb Trimpe that gives a better look at his work space. 1971.
Frank Miller at a convention, 1982
Stan Lee in his office, circa 1969
Jack Kirby and Flo Steinberg, circa 1966
Stan Lee and friends at the Marvel Convention, 1975
Whitney Ellsworth and Mort Weisinger, 1942
Jack Kirby and me, Tom Brevoort, 1993. That’s Roz Kirby and Steve Buccellato in the background.
Denny O’Neil in the DC offices, circa 1969
Stan Lee promoting SON OF ORIGINS OF MARVEL COMICS, 1976
DC owner Harry Donenfeld, center, and assorted DC staff members. That’s Max Gaines at the upper right.
Dave Cockrum and Chris Claremont at a store signing, circa 1981
Vinnie Colletta and Stan Lee, 1964
Herb Trimpe working on corrections at his desk, early 1970s
Stan Lee being interviewed by young fans, 1963
Convention photo, late 1970s. Includes Joe Orlando, Jenette Kahn, Stan Lee, Len Wein and Marty Pasko, among others
Fanzine convention photos, circa 1971
John Severin
A very young John Byrne, circa 1963

8 thoughts on “Comics Creators in the Wild 5

    1. I think that sign is actually behind the person next to Miller, who I’m betting is John Byrne (partially based on the willingness to only draw Kitty)


      1. I’m no expert on the art market, but I was going to say $20 seems like a bargain for a Miller. Byrne, I figure, was probably even hotter at the time?


  1. Hey Tom. The Late 70’s convention photo – back group is Don McGregor, Jenette, Stan and Len. Front group is Joe Orlando, Paul Levitz creeping in, Mike Grell, Paul Kupperberg and Marty Pasko.


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