Brand Echh: His Name is Savage #1

The comic book business was once again facing a period of change as the 1960s drew to a close. The super hero fad that had driven sales for most of the decade was winding down, and there was a sense that, as the marketplaces where comic books had been traditionally sold began to dry up … Continue reading Brand Echh: His Name is Savage #1

Comics Creators in the Wild 5

Another batch of vintage photographs of comic book creators taken in years past. As usual, there are a number of these that revolve around Stan Lee, probably the most photographed creator of the era. Roy Thomas wearing the first Spider-Man personal appearance costume at a comic convention in 1966 A sleepy Herb Trimpe in the … Continue reading Comics Creators in the Wild 5


I don’t really have any strong memories of this issue of BATMAN FAMILY, apart from the fact that I would have purchased it at my local 7-11. It was, I expect, a perfectly entertaining outing, but not one that was noteworthy in any way. And ever since DC had dropped their classic reprints in favor … Continue reading BHOC: BATMAN FAMILY #14