Here's a look at some of the additional work done in AMAZING WORLD OF DC COMICS #2, DC/National Periodical Publications' 1970s-era in-house fan publication. As a time capsule giving insight into what the publishing house was like at this time, it's a treasure trove of insight. An unused cover for HOUSE OF MYSTERY done by … Continue reading THE AMAZING WORLD OF DC COMICS #2, Part Two

Comics Creators in the Wild 5

Another batch of vintage photographs of comic book creators taken in years past. As usual, there are a number of these that revolve around Stan Lee, probably the most photographed creator of the era. Roy Thomas wearing the first Spider-Man personal appearance costume at a comic convention in 1966 A sleepy Herb Trimpe in the … Continue reading Comics Creators in the Wild 5


This issue of BRAVE AND THE BOLD was another comic that I wound up with in trade with my classroom buddy, Donald Sims. Even by 1978, those first ten issues of SWAMP THING had gained a bit of a mythical stature among those in the know, so the character still had a bit of an … Continue reading BHOC: BRAVE AND THE BOLD #122

Perfect Game – SUPERMAN #400

This is the single greatest issue of SUPERMAN ever put together in the character's 80 year history. Closer to home, it's the special Anniversary issue that I'm always jockeying against in my own mind when it comes to put together a book of this sort for the Marvel characters. Of course, I fail to clear … Continue reading Perfect Game – SUPERMAN #400


This was the other super hero comic that I got in the 3-Bag with JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #120. I don’t have all that much to say about this issue of BATMAN, as while it’s a competently done issue, nothing about it especially stuck with me–with one very specific exception that we’ll get to later.  … Continue reading BHOC: BATMAN #265

Great Covers – HOUSE OF SECRETS #92

An admitted classic, this Bernie Wrightson HOUSE OF SECRETS cover on the first appearance of Swamp Thing is really worth a closer look. The tonework is subtle and immaculately done, and the image is composed elegantly. All of the elements work, including the sensitive coloring. As some people will already know, Wrightson used a lot … Continue reading Great Covers – HOUSE OF SECRETS #92

Great Covers – HOUSE OF SECRETS #103

A positively spooky HOUSE OF SECRETS cover by Bernie Wrightson, whose use of light and deep shadow would become a trademark. There really isn’t much to this image, but it’s nevertheless creepy–it looks like the image of a skull within the wafting smoke is almost covered up by the logo, which doesn’t help. Good, simple … Continue reading Great Covers – HOUSE OF SECRETS #103